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Class Profile

The diverse academic and professional backgrounds of Ross students help create a rich learning environment. To learn more about the composition of each unique Ross degree program (e.g., number of students, average GPA/GMAT, percentage of women/minorities and geographic distributions), please select the appropriate degree program.  These profiles represent the data of  when these student groups were accepted into their respective programs separated by the year of expected graduation, with the exception of the Part-Time MBA program.

  MBA Class Profiles:

bullet Class of 2016
bullet Class of 2015



MAcc Class Profile:   
bullet Class of 2015 


MSCM Information:
bullet Class of 2014



BBA Class Profiles:   
bullet Class of 2017
bullet Class of 2016
bullet Class of 2015


  Executive MBA Information:

bullet Overview
Part-Time MBA Evening Class Information:

bullet Overview
Part-Time MBA Weekend Class Information:

bullet Overview


Financial Engineers Information:


bullet Overview

Employment Data

The Employment Data shows how employers from an impressive range of fields continue to find exceptional management talent at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Additionally, Ross students continue to pursue and secure careers in a wide variety of functions and industries.

Rossí strong reputation is rooted in our commitment to understand employer and student needs and prepare students accordingly. We work in partnership with companies and other organizations to integrate their ideas into our curriculum.

Please find all information regarding the Employment Data for the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.