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·         Corporate presentations are a good choice for a well-established company which historically draws a large crowd or a new company with a high level of visibility. 

·         Presentations begin the week of September 8th for full-time Graduate recruiting and full-time/internship MAcc and Undergraduate recruiting; September 15th for joint full-time and internship MBA presentations;  October 27th  for presentations targeting internship positions only.

·         Presentations are held Monday through Thursday evenings after 5 p.m., and are typically located in our facilities.

·       All Ross classrooms are equipped with standard A/V equipment, including a desktop computer, PC laptop hook-up, projector and microphone.

·         Our classrooms will accommodate up to 85-95 people, Blau Auditorum 500 and the Colloquium 150.  If you anticipate higher attendance, please contact your industry’s Recruiting Relations Manager for details on nearby venues.  If you choose to host a presentation outside our facilities, please be sure to coordinate with our office so we can avoid scheduling a conflicting presentation within the same industry/functional area.

Publicizing your Event

·         Although our office is unable to send mass e-mails or post flyers, we do post all recruiting events on the Ross calendar, which is visible to students on-line and via the plasma televisions and informational kiosks located around Ross.

·         Additionally, we suggest you publicize your opportunities by contacting the relevant student clubs or organizations.  Student organizations are a great way to easily target the students interested in your industry or the functional area of your position.


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