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Event Resources:



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Event Resources


Events Calendar

Consult Ross' CampusGroups Calendar when planning events for Ross' student body. The calendar incorporates events planned by Ross clubs, the Program Offices, and major academic service dates (mid-terms, exams, professional development week). It is also recommended to email the Program Offices: or


Facilities at Ross

To request a room at Ross, please use this form.


Ross Facilities is committed to the provision of space in support of all instructional, administrative, and SGA-recognized student organization activities. Unlike other venues on campus that may exist primarily or solely for events, Ross must prioritize the use of its space for academic purposes. Please review Ross' Facilities policies. Note: Classrooms and breakout space may be reserved after the academic calendar has been confirmed and published. 


University Union Events and Policies

If you plan on holding your event at any of the University Unions (Michigan Union, Michigan League, etc.), please review their policies.


Sample Project Plan & Budget Expense Spreadsheet

To plan a successful event you should determine your event tasks and timelines by completing an action plan. Please review our sample project plan to get a head start on your planning.


Each club is responsible for tracking all expenses and overall money received per event. You may reference the budget expense spreadsheet template to get started. 


Career Trek Information

Student Treks are student-planned on-site visits to corporations and organizations.  Treks are typically organized around a particular industry or function within a specific geographic location.  The goal of a Student Trek is to gain more information about a particular company, industry and/or function as well as to make deeper connections and contacts.  If you are considering planning a Trek, see the information page to get started.


Conference Transition Documents

Dean's Attendance at Club Events and Conferences

If you would like the Dean to introduce a speaker or attend one of your events, please email your respective Program Office: or  Please include the following information at least four weeks prior to your event:

  • Club name
  • Title of the Event
  • Purpose of the Event
  • Date, Time, Location
  • Agenda (including speakers and their titles)
  • Specifics of how you would like Dean Davis-Blake to be involved


If you would like to connect with Ross Alumni for panelists or speakers, please complete this form and submit it to the Office of Alumni Relations.

If you are interested in booking a non-Ross affiliated speaker (who may charge a fee), please contact Lynnette Iannace,, Director of School Events, with your “wish list” of speakers.

It is also recommended to contact institutions (ERB, Zell Lurie, etc.) or other clubs if it makes sense to your conference theme. The contacts at these institutions include:

*If you plan on recording any part of your event, you will need a video release waiver on file for any speaker or panelist who will be recorded.  Please fill out this form and return it to Student Life.


Contact Catering at Ross.  Alternately, you can find a list of other Ross approved caterers here


Vendor Information

Student Life has compiled a list of vendors ranging from caterers, photographers, rentals, etc.  Contact your Program Office ( or if you need additional vendor contacts.

The following companies have contracts with the University for pricing and offer benefits of lower procurement costs, higher Vendor performance levels, and increased value-added services. Use your club's short code to get these services.


Corporate Sponsorships

The majority of clubs at Ross are Voluntary Student Organizations (VSOs). The only way a VSO can receive tax deductible gifts is if the donation is for a specific event that is co-sponsored by your respective Program Office. Before your club begins to solicit companies for gifts, you need to have an event sponsorship agreement on file with your Program Office. Please review Ross' event sponsorship guidelines. After reviewing these guidelines, please schedule a meeting with Kate Bonk (MBAs) or Emily Papin-Wynne (BBAs) to start this process. Reviewing the Steps to Acquire & Receive Corporate Sponsorship Money will also be helpful.  A template of an event sponsorship agreement can be found here, and this document will be completed and signed together with the appropriate Program Office. Please note that a event sponsorship agreement does not provide funding for your event.

Once you have an event sponsorship agreement on file with the Program Office, your next step is to connect with the appropriate
Recruiter Relationship Manager (RRM) in the Ross Career Services (RCS). The RRMs are assigned company relationship responsibilities based on industry groupings. They are often aware of which companies might be seeking sponsorship opportunities as a means of enhancing their recruitment efforts at Ross. RCS downloads their company contact list twice a year (April and September) for Ross clubs. This information is to be used with care and respect for the privacy of our company contacts.

Corporate Sponsorships must be processed and administered by the Program Office. We work closely with Ross' Development & Alumni Relations department to insure the company’s gift is processed correctly and that the money is spent according to the intention of the donor. Follow this
flow chart to understand how you will receive and access money from Corporate Sponsors. After the company has agreed to sponsor your club and/or event, you will need to submit a letter and invoice to the company. Copies of these letters need to be on file with the Program Office in order for them to accept and process the tax deductible gift from the company. To add your club's sponsorship details to the form letter, double click in the gray highlighted area. The text will be deleted and you can then add in your club's sponsorship details.

If the company does not require a charitable tax receipt, you may still want to send them a solicitation letter and invoice.  Templates for these documents which do not contain IRS information for a tax receipt can be found here and here.

Per University Policy, you must track individual corporate sponsorship money and how you used that money per event. You may use the corporate money spreadsheet template to help you track this money. 



Each year, Ross gives the Student Government Association (SGA) money with which to support clubs.  SGA has specific guidelines they follow when appropriating funds.  To learn more about the process, click here.  For more information, and to apply for funding, please go to the SGA website.

In addition, some funding is available from the Central Student Government.  See the CSG website for more information.



Accommodations for speakers and guests are available around Ann Arbor.  See a list of suggested hotels in the area, or contact the Executive Residence.


Printing Nametags and/or Nametents

To request nametags and/or nametents, email Printing Services. Your email request should include the following information:

  • Excel file of names. The Excel file should be set up as follows:
    Column 1, Row 1 = First Name
    Column 2, Row 1 = Last Name
    Column 3, Row 1 = Company and/or Title
  • Specifics on Nametags: card stock, sticky back, ink specs, full-color logo, etc.
  • Return date (expect a few days turnaround time)
  • Short code (account) number

Ross Logos and Templates

The Stephen M. Ross School of Business Strategic Branding Tool Kit has been created to help faculty, staff, students, and alumni use the school's graphic identity system properly.  Click here for more information such as logo downloads, templates, and an editorial style guide.  This will require your UM login. 


Transportation & Parking

  • Visitor Parking (University Parking Structures) - Special Event Parking
  • Vendor Parking - For day-of-event parking at Ross' loading dock for vendors, contact Chris Barr,, in Facilities to request a pass. Spaces are limited.
  • Taxi vouchers are available through Yellow Cab Co. operated by Select Ride.  Contact Nadia at 734-663-3795 ex. 121 for more information.
  • University Buses/Charters Rental - Authorized student organizations may charter University buses with drivers. Charters are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • University Vehicle Leasing - Student organizations are not eligible to rent University vans. However, a department or faculty advisor may rent University vans for student organizations. Student Life can assist you with this process.

Alcohol Policy

In accordance with general University of Michigan policy, Ross strongly discourages the serving of alcohol to students even if they are of legal age. Under certain very restrictive conditions, however, alcoholic beverages may be served. Students are expected to drink responsibly and to uphold the Ross values. Any event that is sponsored or organized by a student organization must comply with the Ross alcohol policy.


Please read and submit the Alcohol Policy if your student organization plans to have alcoholic beverages at your event.


Contract Guidelines

Student organizations commonly encounter contracts when booking events in either campus or non-campus venues.   These general guidelines provide helpful information when going into a contract.


Risk Management and Insurance

Review this essential information when purchasing insurance for your club's events. 


Additional Helpful Links:


Mass Email Permissions

As a recognized SGA approved club, your club will have access in iMpact to do the following: 1) Create email messages that can be sent to members of the community; 2) Post information to iMpact's Bulletin Board; 3) Add information to a panel. Please complete this form to give two officers in your club permission to access, edit, and create this information in iMpact.  Instructions for using this panel can be found here.


Student Organization Account Services (SOAS)

The primary purpose of Student Organization Accounts Service (SOAS) is to serve Michigan Student Assembly (MSA) registered student organizations. Each SOAS representative is committed to assisting you with your organization’s financial activities and responsibilities.


SOAS Purchase Orders - Approved Vendors

An easy way for organizations to purchase merchandise or services outside the University, is by using a SOAS Purchase Order (P.O.) It is a pre-approved payment to a vendor, which allows organizations to buy the goods or services they need without spending money out-of-pocket. It prevents worries about retaining receipts and having to get reimbursements. Whenever possible, Purchase Orders are definitely the way to go! Contact SOAS for more information.


Student-Club Mail Folders Location

Student Club Mail Folders can be found in W3700, near the Program Offices.  This is accessible during business hours.