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is a research office at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. OTPR supports and disseminates academic research on all aspects of the tax system, with the goal of informing discussion about the future course of policy. We are non-partisan and advocate no particular policies.


The Office of Tax Policy Research was well represented at this year's annual meeting of the National Tax Association. Along with OTPR Director, Joel Slemrod; Research Director, James R. Hines Jr.; Research Associates David Albouy and Dan Silverman; nine of our graduate students attended. Our annual dinner for people with an OTPR connection was great fun, attended by 17 of us even though it met at the same time as the NTA Executive Board, which kept several OTPR alumni from joining us.

In addition to seeing presentations by the field's leading scholars on state-of-the-art research, students benefited from the opportunity to (1) meet and interact with people in the field with similar interests to theirs; (2) practice explaining their research in a 30-second “elevator” speech, and (3) network with potential employers before they go on the job market.

Overheard upon their return were comments such as:

"Networking was the most important thing at the conference . . . This can be best accomplished by a bit of research before the conference about the people you expect to meet . . . Thus, googling people you think may be there prior to arriving at the conference was a valuable tool."

"Know a couple of people that you really want to get a chance to meet while you are there (making this goal in advance, helped me insure that I met these people at the conference)."

"I found it particularly useful talking with people working in government and private-sector positions. First, they seemed a bit more interested in socializing and making connections with new people. But, more importantly, I thought they provided me with a different view of tax-related issues."

"I benefited from paying attention to the various ways the presenters and discussants organized the material. In particular, it was obvious that some discussants prepared much more than others, and that papers were at different levels of completion. I personally benefited from paying attention to some of these details and I think it will help me when I start to prepare to present at future conferences."

Peter Mieszkowski,
Daniel M. Holland Award Winner
& Joel Slemrod, OTPR Director