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6/13/2014 Timing the Market on Stock Buybacks
2/24/2014 LaRue T. Hosmer, U-M Ross Professor Emeritus of Corporate Strategy, Passes Away
1/27/2014 PLEASE READ: Classes Canceled Tuesday, January 28, but University Remains Open
1/18/2013 Frankel Commercialization Fund Leads Company to Acquisition, Inks New Investment
12/20/2012 I'll Follow the Sun
12/17/2012 Corporations Favor Elite Nonprofits
12/13/2012 BBAs Seek a Slam Dunk for the Detroit Pistons
12/12/2012 Fiscal Cliff? More Like a Fiscal Mountain
12/12/2012 New Chinese President Faces Looming Economic Decisions
12/12/2012 Reunion 2012 Delivers Fun Times and a Big Win
12/12/2012 NFL and IFA Launch Franchising Boot Camp at Ross School
12/11/2012 Avoiding the (Dating) Catch 22
12/7/2012 Frontline Employees Can Make or Break Retail and Service Companies
10/29/2012 Ross School to Host University of Michigan Sport Business Conference
9/13/2012 Doing Business the Right Way
8/9/2012 Ross Alumnus to Pilot New Crowdfunding Platform at U-M
6/27/2012 Back from the Brink
6/26/2012 U-M Takes Executive Education to New Heights on Mt. Kilimanjaro :: Video
6/22/2012 Nielsen COO Kicks Off Advanced Leadership Program at U-M
6/19/2012 Facebook's IPO Flop
6/19/2012 House of Wax
6/18/2012 The New Global Challengers
6/4/2012 Stockholders Vote GOP Regardless of Market Performance
6/4/2012 Conversation with J. Ira Harris, BBA '59
6/1/2012 Wolverine Venture Fund Participates in $25 Million Series D Investment
5/21/2012 Head of the Class
5/15/2012 JPMorgan Chase's $2 Billion Blunder
5/14/2012 Beating the Box Office Blues
5/10/2012 Ross Faculty Honored with Annual Awards
5/10/2012 Cost Center to Profit Center
5/8/2012 Ross' Zell Lurie Institute Leads the Midwest's Foremost Venture Capital Event
5/8/2012 Ross Professor Tom Kinnear Honored With U-M's Ted Doan Award
5/7/2012 A Wake-Up Call for Manufacturing
5/2/2012 Action-Based Learning to Action-Based Living
4/23/2012 Making Criminals Pay
4/20/2012 Tauber Institute for Global Operations First Winner of UPS George D. Smith Prize
4/12/2012 Student-led Social Venture Fund at Michigan's Ross School of Business Makes First-of-its-Kind Investment in LearnZillion
4/9/2012 Why we Struggle with Food Choices
3/15/2012 Consumers Mistake Fair-Trade Foods for Lower-Calorie
3/15/2012 Negotiating for Positive Results
3/14/2012 Tackling Tax Policy with Joel Slemrod :: Video
3/9/2012 Channeling the Chief
3/8/2012 No Phone? No Worries. Innovation in the Cloud Transcends IT
3/2/2012 Coaches in the Classroom: Applying Sports Leadership to Business
3/2/2012 Michigan Ross' Zell Lurie Institute Awards $90,000 to Startups
2/22/2012 Faced with Job Loss? (Self-)Perception Is Everything
2/10/2012 Stitching a Global Network Using Maize and Blue Thread
2/6/2012 Armchair Quarterbacking the Super Bowl Ads :: Video
2/2/2012 Breaking Through on Climate Change :: Video
1/31/2012 Got Creative Block? Get Out of Your Office and Go for a Walk
1/30/2012 Dean Alison Davis-Blake Profiled in the Financial Times :: Video
1/25/2012 Applying King's 'Dangerous Unselfishness'
1/25/2012 Private Equity in the Political Crossfire :: Audio
1/23/2012 Spring Break Action: Forget the Beach, Head to Washington
1/19/2012 Being Happy at Work is Nice, But Thriving is Better and More Productive
1/19/2012 Are Treasuries Overpriced?
1/13/2012 BBA Alum Funds Program to Support Student Entrepreneurs
1/12/2012 Investing in Impact: Making the Case for Patient Capital
1/10/2012 Informing the Climate Change Debate: Town Hall
1/9/2012 Revitalization & Business Conference to Shift Perspective on Detroit :: Video
1/3/2012 A Free Lunch in a Perfect Storm
12/22/2011 The Path to Success in China :: Video
12/20/2011 Are You a Human? Ross-Driven Tech Startup Can Tell :: Video
12/20/2011 Social Networks To Social Dollars
12/16/2011 Deciding What Gifts To Buy this Holiday? :: Video
12/16/2011 Design Your Life: Business and Social Entrepreneurship Must Coexist
12/14/2011 Ross School Partners with Michigan State's Broad College of Business to Launch Michigan Entrepreneurship Education Leaders Forum
12/14/2011 Students Transform Recycled Car Parts into Jobs
12/8/2011 Ross Students Get a Voice at U.N. Climate Change Conference
12/1/2011 Ross Brings Executive MBA Program to Los Angeles
11/10/2011 New Master of Entrepreneurship Program Open for Business
11/10/2011 Ross MBA Programs Remain Among World's Best
10/21/2011 Philanthropy and Marketing
10/18/2011 Preparing for Pandemics: How Cisco Immunized Its Operations
9/21/2011 Ross School Among the Best in Environmental and Social Responsibility
9/16/2011 Life Lessons on the Links
9/13/2011 Second to None: Ross the Best in Teaching General Management
9/13/2011 Bailed-Out Banks Issued Riskier Loans
8/30/2011 Ross School Presents Josaitis Citizenship Award
8/23/2011 New U-M Entrepreneurship Program Names Co-Directors
8/22/2011 Crisis Management and Recovery at News Corp.
8/18/2011 Recent Ratings Downgrade of U.S. Debt Signals Deficit in Leadership
8/10/2011 Ross Community Remembers Focus: HOPE Founder Eleanor Josaitis
8/3/2011 Ross Hosts Global Economic Forum Aug. 8-11
7/28/2011 Consumers Beware: In Reality, Luxury Cars Don't Make Us Feel Better
7/19/2011 The U.S. Debt Landscape Post-Aug. 2
7/1/2011 Alison Davis-Blake Joins Ross as Edward J. Frey Dean
6/21/2011 Team Leadership: Don't Wing It
6/20/2011 Ganging Up on Poverty
6/17/2011 Have a Coke and a Controversy
6/17/2011 Innovation and the Business of Self-Improvement
6/13/2011 Ross Executive Education Offers Unique Custom Program in India
5/26/2011 Study Debunks Common Wisdom on Going Private
5/26/2011 Ross Scores High Marks in NextBillion Case Writing Competition
5/24/2011 Resonating in Venture Capital
5/24/2011 Sensing Opportunity in Climate Change
5/16/2011 WDI To Assemble Experts for June Conference on Entrepreneurship Training
5/16/2011 Real Estate, Politics, and the Michigan Economy :: Video
5/16/2011 Congrats, Class of 2011 :: Video
5/13/2011 Ross Students Excel at World's Largest Business Plan Competition
5/13/2011 A Conversation with Stephen M. Ross, BBA '62 :: Video
5/13/2011 Ross Students Excel at World's Largest Business Plan Competition
5/6/2011 Entrepreneurship Gaining Momentum in the Midwest :: Video
5/4/2011 Alumni Tell Ross Graduates, "The Best is Yet to Come" :: Video
4/28/2011 Ross Faculty Honored with Annual Awards
4/20/2011 Healthcare Delivery in Emerging Markets: Mini-Symposium
4/18/2011 Would You Like Fries With That Case?
4/18/2011 Michigan Growth Capital Symposium Creates Investment and Growth Opportunities for Startups Across Midwest
4/13/2011 Leadership Learning Curve
4/13/2011 Readability of Annual Reports Affects Accuracy of Analyst Forecasts
3/31/2011 Berkshire Hathaway and Why We Have Insider Trading Laws
3/31/2011 Cause Marketing Lowers Charitable Donations
3/28/2011 Students Talk Ethics with Sen. Carl Levin :: Video
3/24/2011 Ross Japan Business Association Joins Fundraising Efforts to Aid Disaster Victims
3/24/2011 Is There a Profit Opportunity in Japanese Stock Markets?
3/21/2011 Patent Case Draws Concern
3/11/2011 Reframing Climate Change: It's as Much Cultural as Scientific
3/9/2011 Ubi From Ross, I Be From Ross
3/8/2011 Interim Dean of Ross School Announced
3/3/2011 Ross BBA Moves Back Up to No. 6
3/3/2011 Student Startup Wello Garners Another Award :: Video
3/2/2011 Ross Professor Wins Fellowship for Environmental Research and Leadership
2/23/2011 Zell Lurie Institute Awards More Than $100,000 to U-M Students
2/23/2011 Stopping the Brain Drain :: Video
2/15/2011 Lessons From Lehman :: Video
2/15/2011 Alison Davis-Blake Named New Dean of Ross :: Video
2/15/2011 Inflation Expectations and the Fed's Next Move
2/14/2011 Law: The Hidden Competitive Advantage
2/14/2011 Figuring Out the Aging Consumer
2/14/2011 SMART Ideas for Urban Transport
2/8/2011 Ross Community Remembers Professor Harold Arnett
2/4/2011 College Grads: Stay in the Midwest!
2/3/2011 Lessons from Lehman
1/31/2011 Plans Unveiled for 30th Anniversary of the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium
1/24/2011 Ross Students Seek to Revitalize, Redefine Detroit
1/21/2011 Conversation and Perspective with Professor Emeritus Paul McCracken
1/21/2011 Lisa Turchan, BBA '81, Makes the Grade as CFO at LA School
1/20/2011 Byron Pitts: Indifference Can Be Deadly :: Video
1/18/2011 Have We Changed Our Ways After the BP Oil Spill? Not Really
1/17/2011 Workplace Diversity Must Include Buy-in from Whites
1/17/2011 Emerging Trends in Clean Tech Shift Industry Focus
1/6/2011 CBS' Byron Pitts to Present Annual MLK Address at Ross
1/3/2011 U-M Students 'Beat the Bag' to Reinvent the Pooper Scooper
1/1/2011 *
12/23/2010 Mortgage Defaults at Lowest Levels in Five Years
12/15/2010 New Supply Chain Dynamics :: Audio
12/15/2010 Experts on Wall Street Face Scrutiny
12/15/2010 Rethink or Reset? Building a Fortune with the Base of the Pyramid
12/14/2010 Outsourcing Homework and Building a Business
12/10/2010 New Bank Taxes Won't Necessarily Prevent Another Crisis
12/8/2010 White House Speaker Urges Students to Forge Ties Between Business and Society :: Video
11/29/2010 Ross is Rated No. 1 for Leadership Development
11/23/2010 Net Impact Sets Stage for a Sustainable Decade
11/18/2010 Are Taxpayers on the Hook in the GM Deal?
11/18/2010 Naughty or Nice? Tightwads vs. Spendthrifts at Holiday Time :: Video
11/17/2010 A Conversation with GE's Jeff Immelt and Beth Comstock :: Video
11/11/2010 Ross Ranks Among BusinessWeek's Best MBA Programs
11/10/2010 Ross Team Triumphs at 2010 National MBA Human Capital Case Competition
11/8/2010 From Ross to Red Carpet
11/4/2010 Rick Snyder, MBA '79/JD '82, Elected Next Governor of Michigan
11/1/2010 2010 Dare to Dream Recipients Pursue Healthcare, eCommerce, Social Media, and IT
10/29/2010 Coverage of the 2010 Net Impact Conference at Ross
10/28/2010 Guiltless Gluttony
10/25/2010 Corporate Social Responsibility: Boon or Boondoggle?
10/25/2010 Don't Leave Finance to the Experts
10/25/2010 Gary Hamel, PhD '90: Inventing the Future of Management
10/19/2010 Solving a Charitable Giving Quandary
10/19/2010 Implementing Open-Book Finance
10/18/2010 Cloud Computing Changes the Game
10/15/2010 2010 Michigan Private Equity Conference
10/14/2010 Tauber Students Deliver Plan to Save GM $6.1 Million Annually per Vehicle Model
10/14/2010 National Net Impact Conference Comes to Ross Oct. 28-30, 2010
10/12/2010 Making Ideas Work
10/12/2010 C.K. Prahalad's Lasting Legacy Celebrated at 2010 Indian Business Conference
9/30/2010 Ross Launches Social Venture Fund
9/28/2010 A Conversation with Charlie Munger :: Video
9/23/2010 Ross Lauded for Entrepreneurship Education
9/21/2010 Ross Community Commemorates the Life and Legacy of C.K. Prahalad :: Video
9/21/2010 Sensory Marketing Research Honored for Innovation
9/16/2010 Ross School Undergraduate Majors Rank High in WSJ Recruiter Rankings
9/16/2010 Twitter Helps Smaller Firms Level the Information Playing Field
9/13/2010 Zell Lurie Institute Unveils Lineup for Annual Entrepreneurship Symposium
9/9/2010 NPR's Franklyn Cater Tours Ross' LEED-Certified Building
9/7/2010 The Power of Co-Creation
9/7/2010 ZLI Alumni Establish Resonant Venture Partners to Invest in Regional Tech Startups
9/3/2010 Wello's WaterWheel Brings Potable Water to the Masses
9/3/2010 Going Up? Tauber Alum Takes Small Business Venture to New Heights
9/2/2010 Mortgage Defaults Continue to Decline Nationally
8/30/2010 Many Values Unite Americans, Despite Divisions
8/26/2010 Ross Professors Win Prestigious Honor
8/24/2010 Filling the Context Gap
8/23/2010 Putting the Why in Work
8/23/2010 The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility
8/20/2010 Location, Location, Location
8/20/2010 Charging into a New Market
8/17/2010 Ross BBA Program Still No. 1 in Management
8/10/2010 Think Before You Drink During Job Interviews
8/6/2010 Rick Snyder, MBA '79/JD '82, Wins Michigan Republican Primary
7/29/2010 National Net Impact Conference Comes to Ross Oct. 28-30, 2010
7/26/2010 2010 Ross Faculty Promotions and Appointments
7/15/2010 India's Prime Minister Celebrates C.K. Prahalad
7/15/2010 Working for the Weekend
7/8/2010 Frankel Fund Signs Term Sheet to Provide Seed Financing to Tech-based Startup Ambiq Micro
7/6/2010 Ross Report Cites Mexican City as a Model for Building Sustainable Communities Worldwide
7/1/2010 Wolverine Venture Fund Profiled on Big Ten Network's "Out of the Blue" :: Video
6/24/2010 BP's Fallout: Where to from Here? :: Audio
6/22/2010 Dean's Search Committee Seeks Input from Ross Community
6/17/2010 Make Time for a Leadership Check-In
6/10/2010 Lynn Perry Wooten Named First Scholar in Residence at Council of Michigan Foundations
6/7/2010 Recession 101: Marketing Dos and Don'ts
6/3/2010 Annual Growth Capital Symposium Sparks Optimism for Michigan
5/27/2010 Panic on Wall Street
5/26/2010 Ross Professor's Work Cited by President Obama
5/25/2010 Every Number Tells a Story
5/24/2010 Tauber Students Gear Up for Operations Challenges
5/24/2010 The ABCs of the VAT
5/20/2010 Beyond Business as Usual
5/19/2010 Building the Foundation for a Calling
5/17/2010 Can Companies Really Predict What We Like Online?
5/17/2010 Women for Women Founder Borrows Best Practices from Corporate World
5/10/2010 Managing the Unexpected
5/10/2010 Michigan Growth Capital Symposium's David Brophy Bullish on Michigan Startups
5/4/2010 Three Ways to Leverage Social Media -- and Two Mistakes to Avoid
5/4/2010 Women for Women Founder Tells Ross Graduates, "Live Your Truth Today"
4/27/2010 C.K. and His Foresight
4/26/2010 Gautam Ahuja Reflects on C.K.'s Academic Contributions
4/26/2010 Remembering C.K. Prahalad
4/23/2010 Ross Faculty Honored with Annual Awards
4/23/2010 C.K. Prahalad's Passions
4/21/2010 Board 'Control' Often Is an Illusion
4/21/2010 Goldman Versus the SEC
4/20/2010 A Colleague Remembers C.K. Prahalad
4/19/2010 Ross School Chosen for McGowan Fellows Program
4/17/2010 The Passing of C.K. Prahalad
4/16/2010 Writing Your Own Ticket
4/16/2010 Companies Show Clever Currency Moves
4/14/2010 Mapping Social Networks to Improve Product Quality
4/7/2010 J.D. Carlson, MBA '95, Delivers for the Team
4/7/2010 Interactive Investment Conference Challenges Undergraduates
4/5/2010 Working The Corporate Network
4/2/2010 Women for Women Founder Zainab Salbi to Speak at Ross Commencement April 30
4/1/2010 Home Prices in Metro Detroit: Canary in a Coal Mine
3/30/2010 Alumni Experts Work with Erb Institute to Facilitate New Course in Sustainable Finance
3/17/2010 Michigan Interactive Investments to Host Nation's Top Business Schools
3/17/2010 Remedy for Future Market Meltdowns: Require Margins for Over-the-Counter Trades
3/17/2010 Leading Technology and Healthcare IT Investors to Headline Annual Michigan Growth Capital Symposium
3/16/2010 Professional Organizer Terri Albert, BBA '84, Cleans Up and Cashes In
3/11/2010 Ross Partners with the Association of Climate Change Officers to Educate Executives on Business Impacts of Climate Change
3/11/2010 Ross Professor Lends Hand to Laid-off Workers
3/9/2010 Mortgage Default Risks Still High, But Falling
3/2/2010 Zell Lurie Institute Awards $98,500 to Michigan Business Competition Winners and Dare to Dream Startup Grant Recipients
3/2/2010 Wolverine Venture Fund Celebrates Fourth Portfolio Company Exit
2/18/2010 Ross MBAs Gain a World of Experience Close to Home
2/15/2010 Taking it to the Banks :: Video
2/15/2010 Toyota's Crisis Challenge
2/15/2010 Enertia Wins 2009-2010 Clean Energy Prize
2/15/2010 Chrysler's Conundrum: A Case Study in Crisis Management
2/15/2010 Women on Board: Does Forced Diversity Hurt Firm Performance?
2/11/2010 Ross Hosts First Renewable Energy Case Competition
2/8/2010 Ross Professor to Receive Goddard Power Award
2/4/2010 Ross Professors Help Shape Report on Carbon, Midwest Economic Revival
2/3/2010 The Sense(s) and Sensibilities of Marketing
1/26/2010 Ross School Achieves Silver-Rating LEED Certification
1/25/2010 Racial Barriers Still Exist, but Anything is Achievable, says PBS' Gwen Ifill
1/22/2010 Are Uncontested Director Elections Meaningless?
1/21/2010 Leading Innovation in the Real World
1/21/2010 Student Leaders Create Fund for Haiti Relief
1/20/2010 He Works Hard for Your Money
1/14/2010 Opportunities to Aid Earthquake Relief Organizations in Haiti
1/12/2010 Video: A Conversation with Dean Robert Dolan and The New York Times' Micheline Maynard
1/8/2010 Gwen Ifill Will Give the Ross School's and U-M's MLK Address
1/1/2010 Graduate Endowment Fund Honors Katherine Terrell
12/21/2009 Banks and Bailouts: Playing Politics?
12/16/2009 Will New Guidelines on Waiving Attorney-Client Privilege Change Practice?
12/16/2009 Pecking over Finance
12/16/2009 What Role Did Individual Investors Play in the Economic Meltdown? :: Audio
12/14/2009 Into Africa
12/10/2009 Justice Sotomayor: A Boon for Business?
12/4/2009 Latin America: Land of Opportunity
12/4/2009 Home Foreclosures Will Begin to Fall Next Year
12/2/2009 Calculating Career Risks and Rewards
11/30/2009 New Book by Ross Professor Seeks to "Lift" Organizational Culture
11/30/2009 Bharat Patel, MBA '69: Retired P&G Exec Talks Globalization, Technology in India
11/20/2009 Student-Led Wolverine Venture Fund Achieves Record $2 Million Return on HandyLab Acquisition
11/18/2009 Operations Experts: This Is Our Day
11/18/2009 Running For A Change
11/18/2009 Ross Community Mourns Loss of Two Staffers
11/18/2009 Black Friday: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!
11/17/2009 Customer Satisfaction Down Slightly in Latest ACSI
11/17/2009 Washington Post Online Brings Blogosphere to MBA Classroom
11/5/2009 Excellence Across the Board
11/5/2009 Follow Ross Thought in Action on Twitter
11/3/2009 Public Sneezes, Private Fears
10/29/2009 Markets With a Mission
10/29/2009 Wolverine Venture Fund Continues Track Record of Industry Firsts
10/29/2009 Wolverine Venture Fund Continues Track Record of Industry Firsts
10/26/2009 Erb Institute Graduates Publish Book on Hybrid Organizations
10/22/2009 Ross Scores High Rankings Again
10/21/2009 World's Top Management Guru Calls for Radical Innovation at First India Business Conference
10/21/2009 Business Evolution in China
10/21/2009 Environmental and Social Responsibility: Ross School No. 1 in the U.S.
10/20/2009 Lean Times Can Be the Best Times to Innovate
10/16/2009 Innovate Now: Lean Times Can Be the Best Times
10/16/2009 The Tire Tariff: A New Trade Dispute? :: Audio
10/16/2009 Building Israel's Brand
10/16/2009 Privatization Laboratory
10/14/2009 Ross is Rated No. 1 for Leadership Development
10/14/2009 C.K. Prahalad is Once Again the World's Top Management Guru
10/14/2009 Ross School Provides Best Career Prospects
10/13/2009 Building The Base
10/5/2009 Should Managers Provide Forecasts of Earnings?
9/30/2009 A Royal Honor
9/30/2009 Landmines -- and Treasures -- To Be Found in Credit Markets
9/30/2009 Recently Retired P&G Exec Talks Globalization, Technology in India
9/30/2009 Mo Rocca Demonstrates the Art of Storytelling at Ross
9/25/2009 Gazing Through the Carbon Haze
9/25/2009 Tauber Students Optimize Supply Chain for Ametek Inc.; Estimate Annual Savings of $1.7 Million
9/25/2009 Gazing Through the Carbon Haze
9/25/2009 No Better Time Than Now to Launch an Enterprise
9/24/2009 Should managers provide forecasts of earnings?
9/17/2009 Blogs Can Help Predict Product Sales
9/14/2009 Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies Celebrates 10th Anniversary
9/11/2009 New Book Explores Arab American Experience in the Wake of 9/11
9/10/2009 BBA Lecturer Accounts for Diversity at Ross
9/8/2009 Grupo Salinas CEO Preaches Balance to Incoming MBAs
8/31/2009 Fatal (Fiscal) Attraction: Tightwads and Spendthrifts Tend to Marry
8/27/2009 The Beat Goes on At
8/21/2009 Ross BBA Program Retains No. 1 Management Ranking
8/21/2009 Services Shift Named A Top Business Book
8/19/2009 Financial Market Makeover :: Video
8/19/2009 A Fresh Look at Forward-Looking Statements
8/19/2009 General Motors' Quick Exit from Chapter 11 - Now What? :: Audio
8/18/2009 Cleveland Clinic: A Laboratory for Operations Management
8/18/2009 Detroit Responds: Customer Satisfaction Matches Asian Competitors
8/17/2009 A Matter of Taste: Food Ads Work Better If All Senses Are Involved
8/10/2009 On the Record with Mitchell Robins, BBA '77
8/10/2009 Ross Faculty Promotions and Appointments
8/7/2009 Ross Dean Robert Dolan On Ethics, Executive Compensation, and More :: Video
7/30/2009 Weekends at Ross
7/27/2009 And In This Corner, Google
7/20/2009 Ross Welcomes New Faculty to the Roster
7/17/2009 European Alumni to Gather in Zurich Oct. 2, 2009
7/13/2009 Professor Norbert Schwarz Honored by European and American Psychologists
7/13/2009 Recent BBA Grads Plan to Launch Nonprofit to Navigate College Admissions
7/13/2009 Renaissance Man Norman Sigler, MBA '92, Runs for Mayor of Seattle
7/10/2009 Erb Institute Furthers Green Job Creation, Achieves Record Admissions Levels in 15th Year
7/9/2009 Ross Dean Robert Dolan On Leadership :: Video
6/17/2009 Frankel Fund Invests in Wind Energy Device
6/17/2009 Erb Institute Students Help Support Job Creation, Economic Renewal
6/17/2009 Shedding the New Venture Mystique
6/16/2009 New Game Strategies to Create and Capture Value
6/16/2009 Better Management through Better HR
6/12/2009 Ball and (Supply) Chain :: Audio
6/12/2009 The New Healthcare Prescription :: Video
6/11/2009 A New Chapter For General Motors
6/11/2009 David Hess Honored with Rising Star Award by Yale's Millstein Center
6/10/2009 Do CEOs Matter? :: Video
6/8/2009 Bad Loans, Suffering Banks
6/4/2009 Cause Marketing: Altruism or Greed?
6/4/2009 Government Motors? :: Video
6/2/2009 Are the Taxpayers on the Hook in the GM Deal?
5/29/2009 Ross Community and Class of 2004 Mourn Loss of Maj. Jason E. George
5/22/2009 Managing the Economic Crisis: The VC Way
5/20/2009 Peter Hoekstra, MBA '77, Running (and Biking) for Governor's Seat
5/20/2009 Customer Satisfaction Rises Again
5/18/2009 Moving Beyond the Moving Anecdote
5/18/2009 Ross MBAs Take 2009 MIT Clean Energy Prize
5/18/2009 Can Multiple Eco-Labels on a Product Harm the Environment?
5/14/2009 The Business of Breast Cancer Awareness
5/14/2009 Ross School Supports Global Health Conference in Washington, D.C.
5/14/2009 Commencement 2009 Marks Challenging Job Climate for Graduates
5/14/2009 Entrepreneurial Alumni Create Coaching Niche
5/13/2009 Thriving in Tough Times: Workshops Can Help Organizations, People
5/13/2009 Ross School Faculty Lead U-M Delegation to Southeast Asia
5/8/2009 From Best Practices to Next Practices
5/4/2009 Stephen M. Ross, BBA '62, Tells Graduates, "You are Lucky" :: Video
4/29/2009 Bill Lovejoy Recognized for Creativity, Originality Among U-M Faculty
4/27/2009 Ross MBAs Learn New Media, Storytelling Techniques
4/27/2009 Student Entrepreneur Has Big Plans for Peers
4/27/2009 BBA Innovator Creates Impact with Student Organization
4/20/2009 Policy Responses to the Economic Crisis :: Video
4/20/2009 Running On Empty :: Video
4/20/2009 High Morale in Low Times :: Audio
4/17/2009 Portfolio Society :: Video
4/17/2009 More Risk than Reward
4/16/2009 The Fraying of Free Trade
4/15/2009 Faculty Panel Will Address Policy Responses to Economic Crisis
4/13/2009 Ross Faculty Honored with Annual Awards
4/10/2009 The Art of Bridging Theory and Practice
4/6/2009 Ross School's Jane Dutton Presents Distinguished University Professorship Lecture April 14
4/6/2009 The Related Companies' Stephen M. Ross, BBA '62, to Speak at Commencement
4/3/2009 Emerging from the Economic Abyss
4/3/2009 Valuing Toxic Assets
4/1/2009 Ross Investment Club Debuts Intercollegiate Stock Competition for Undergrads
4/1/2009 Overwhelmed, Overloaded
3/30/2009 With Ethics, It's Think Locally and Globally
3/26/2009 Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Failure to Predict Failure
3/24/2009 Ross School Benefactor Stephen M. Ross, BBA '62, to Speak at Commencement
3/18/2009 Philippe Prufer, MBA '88, Recognized for Alumni Service to Ross
3/17/2009 Repercussions of Global Economic Crisis in Europe :: Audio
3/16/2009 New York and San Francisco Score Top Alumni Club Honors
3/16/2009 Stephen Ross, BBA '62, Celebrates New Era in Business Education with Dean Dolan, President Coleman
3/16/2009 WDI Scholars Target Sustainable Innovation, Healthcare
3/15/2009 Remembering William Davidson
3/13/2009 U-M to Host Intercollegiate Stock Pitch Competition
3/12/2009 Check out His Campus(es)
3/4/2009 Ross BBAs Get in on the Action
3/4/2009 Power Trip: CEOs and Firm Performance
3/2/2009 Business Plan Competitions at Ross: "As Real as it Gets"
2/26/2009 Ross BBA Moves Up to No. 4
2/25/2009 Banks of America? Nationalization Gains Momentum
2/20/2009 Not Lost in Translation
2/20/2009 CEOs on the Hot Seat
2/20/2009 The Services Shift: Seizing the Ultimate Offshore Opportunity
2/18/2009 The Road to Economic Recovery
2/17/2009 More Competitors = Less Competition
2/13/2009 Times That Try Leaders
2/12/2009 Sick CEO? Succession Plans a Must
2/11/2009 Ross Professor Wins Prestigious Award
2/11/2009 Guilty Pleasure? It's All in The Mind's Eye
2/9/2009 Pfizer's M&A Prescription
2/3/2009 Special Workplace Benefits Help Relieve Stress, Improve Bottom Line
1/29/2009 New Wrinkles Could Complicate Solid U.S.-China Relationship
1/28/2009 American Express Chairman/CEO Tackles "Leadership in Challenging Times"
1/27/2009 The Greening of Wal-Mart
1/22/2009 Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Lives in the Future, Not the Past
1/22/2009 Tax Rebates Not a Quick Fix for the Economy
1/22/2009 Public Health Needs the Private Sector
1/19/2009 Bring It On: Ross MBAs Pursue Crisis With A Vengeance
1/16/2009 Doors Open for Class in New Ross School Facility
1/16/2009 All that Glitters is Gold (and Silver)
1/16/2009 Ross Broadens Global Impact in China
1/16/2009 New Programs Provide Competitive Edge
1/15/2009 Ross School Launches Master of Supply Chain Management Program
1/12/2009 Rewarding Altruism: Can It Be Effective?
1/8/2009 China Expert to Discuss U.S.-Chinese Relations under Obama
1/7/2009 Civil Rights Historian Taylor Branch to Give MLK Day Address
1/6/2009 Ross School and Zell Lurie Kick Off Program to Support Entrepreneurs at U-M
12/22/2008 Mad About Madoff
12/22/2008 Automakers Put the Pedal to the Metal
12/10/2008 Filmmaker Spike Lee Reflects on Building a Legacy
12/8/2008 Words of Wisdom from Warren Buffett
12/4/2008 The Art of Business and the Business of Art
12/3/2008 Black Friday: Deals and Deaths
12/2/2008 Ross MBAs take National Prize in Kearney Competition
12/1/2008 The Quiet Consolidation
11/24/2008 Deck the Halls with Sales and Discounts
11/21/2008 Auto Suppliers Face Rough Road Ahead
11/18/2008 Three-peat: Ross Net Impact Wins Top Honors Again
11/17/2008 Operation(s) Room
11/13/2008 Ross Maintains No. 5 Spot in BusinessWeek Rankings
11/12/2008 Spike Lee to Deliver Keynote Speech at Annual Black Business Student Conference
11/10/2008 Award Winner Hess Discusses Current Research
11/10/2008 Study By Ross Professors Awarded 'Best Paper' By Journal Of Consumer Research
11/7/2008 Meet the New Boss -- Not the Same as the Old Boss
11/6/2008 Ross Professor Wins Prestigious Rising Star Award
10/30/2008 Identity Politics
10/30/2008 Casino Gambling: Hold 'em or Fold 'em?
10/28/2008 Green Business Value of Information Technology
10/21/2008 Diagnosis: McCain's Health Care Plan Critical
10/21/2008 Ross Women Take Action to Inspire
10/17/2008 Ross Community Remembers 'Friend to Many,' Alfred Swinyard
10/17/2008 Values and Voting: What's at Stake?
10/16/2008 Election Balance Sheet
10/16/2008 Real Estate Reality Check
10/15/2008 Anatomy of an Economic Meltdown
10/15/2008 Tales from the Front
10/10/2008 Private Equity has Toolkit to Ease Troubled Market
10/8/2008 Election '08: U-M Experts Will Discuss Policy Issues
10/8/2008 Insider Trading: Another Glass Ceiling?
10/8/2008 (Fear of) Failure is not an Option
10/7/2008 Ross Panel Tackles the Financial Crisis: What Happened? Why? What's Next?
10/6/2008 Congress Passes the Bailout -- Now What?
10/2/2008 What a Long Strange Trip
9/25/2008 NBA Legend Joe Dumars to Speak on Success and Fear
9/25/2008 Thomas Jones Recognized as Leader and Innovator in the Insurance Industry
9/24/2008 What Green Can Do for Brown
9/24/2008 Nightmare on Wall Street, Part 2 - AUDIO
9/22/2008 Overcoming Rankism
9/18/2008 Endowed Deanship to Honor Banker Edward Frey
9/17/2008 Nightmare on Wall Street - VIDEO
9/17/2008 Doctors under the Influence of Peer Pressure when Prescribing Drugs?
9/15/2008 Why the U.S. Took Control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
9/15/2008 It's All in Their Heads
9/3/2008 Second City and RLI Team Up to Teach Innovation in Leadership
9/2/2008 I Think, Therefore I Judge
8/28/2008 Mortgage Crisis: Blame the Bank?
8/28/2008 2008 Michigan Growth Capital Symposium Synopsis
8/27/2008 Ross Professor Discusses Tax Policy with Obama and McCain Advisers
8/25/2008 Ross School Welcomes New Faculty Members
8/22/2008 Ross BBA Program Tops in Management
8/20/2008 ACSI Slip Suggests Tepid Consumer Spending Growth
8/20/2008 Faculty Kudos and Awards
8/18/2008 Resilience Begins to Fade at Retail
8/18/2008 Green Business Value of Information Technology
8/18/2008 Anatomy of a Loyal Customer
8/12/2008 Closing Deals and Closing Incisions
8/5/2008 Airlines Lobby for Tighter Control on Oil Speculators
8/1/2008 President Bush Appoints Ross Professor
7/30/2008 Government Rescues Mortgage Giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
7/29/2008 Private Equity Copes with Credit Crunch, Other Challenges
7/24/2008 Love thy neighbor? States should leave drinking age alone
7/21/2008 New Application Deadline for Full-time MBA Program: 10/10/2008
7/21/2008 Loose Standards, Sluggish Economy Make for Mortgage Muddle
7/21/2008 Solidarity with Customers is Secret to Success in Call Centers
7/9/2008 Offshoring: Where's the Value?
6/30/2008 New Project Probes Americans' Values
6/30/2008 Mixed Backgrounds Improve Organizational Innovation, Creativity
6/26/2008 Ross Alumna to Lead Executive Education Program at the School
6/24/2008 Balancing Act: Time Out for Family
6/23/2008 How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls
6/23/2008 Energy Crisis Presents Opportunity for Jobs, Profit
6/19/2008 Not So Friendly Skies: A Look at M&As in the Airline Industry
6/16/2008 Richard Bagozzi Receives Honorary Doctorate
6/11/2008 Frankel Fund Announces New Investment
6/6/2008 Ross Professor Leaves Lasting Legacy
6/4/2008 Podcast: Climate Change and Business
6/2/2008 Don't Judge a Book by Its... Font?
5/30/2008 Claiming the Competitive Edge---One Customer at a Time
5/22/2008 Peace on Earth, Good Will to Women
5/20/2008 Customer Satisfaction Reverses Course
5/19/2008 Should Corporations Have a Soul?
5/19/2008 Presidential Nominations: Years of Experience Matter Little
5/12/2008 The Currency of Favors
5/12/2008 The Great Divide
5/5/2008 CK Prahalad Speaks to InformationWeek
4/30/2008 Will Renewables Ever Become a Real Business? They Already Are, says Expert
4/28/2008 Ross Faculty Honored for Teaching Excellence
4/23/2008 Tom Kinnear Speaks to BusinessWeek
4/22/2008 Senior Profile: Mark Thompson, BBA '08
4/22/2008 Senior Profile: William Moon, BBA '08
4/14/2008 Students' Sustainable Business Plan Racks Up Wins---and $65,000
4/13/2008 Podcast: Business and Pleasure Don't Mix
4/11/2008 Ross Faculty Honored with Annual Awards
4/9/2008 Do Emerging Economies Integrate the Internet Better?
4/7/2008 Note to IT Professionals: Get an MBA!
4/3/2008 Ross Team Earns $10,000 in Business Case Competition
4/2/2008 John Denniston to Speak at Ross Commencement
4/1/2008 Podcast: Financial Bailouts and the Fed
3/27/2008 Ross Professor Recognized as Top Influential Scholar
3/24/2008 American Society for Training and Development Honors Ross Professor
3/20/2008 Ripple Effect of U.S. Economic Woes
3/18/2008 Maybe Fine China Really Does Make Food Taste Better
3/17/2008 To Franchise or Not to Franchise?
3/12/2008 Ross Doctoral Program Ranks Among Best on Campus
3/11/2008 Ross School Team Takes Home $10,000 Prize
3/10/2008 Word-of-Mouth Among Doctors Bumps Up New Drug Prescription Rates
3/6/2008 U-M Teams Sweep Cleantech Venture Challenge
3/5/2008 WDI and Goldman Sachs Team Up to Help Women in Rwanda
3/4/2008 Unusual Brand Logos and Images Work Well
3/3/2008 Seed Capital: Planting Oil and Reaping Benefit
2/28/2008 Ross BBA Maintains Its Lofty Status
2/26/2008 Nearly Modular Structure Offers the Best of Both Worlds
2/21/2008 Podcast: Subprime Crisis—What's Really Going On?
2/20/2008 Customer Satisfaction Drops Again
2/19/2008 U.S.-China Relations Hinge on Global Climate Change
2/18/2008 Students Win $40,000 Marketing Prize
2/14/2008 Stocks of Bad Companies Often Outperform Those of Good Ones
2/13/2008 Ross BBAs Publish New Journal for Undergrads
2/12/2008 CDC Board Taps Ross School Professor
2/11/2008 Do Co-Workers Engage or Estrange After Hours?
2/4/2008 What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
1/28/2008 Asia Business Conference Features Indonesian Ambassador
1/23/2008 Will Tax Rebates Work?
1/22/2008 Creating Value in the Community--With a Business Plan
1/17/2008 Crisis Challenge Tests Judgment, Leadership
1/14/2008 Ross School Professor Running for Czech Presidency
1/9/2008 Popular Opinion Not Always So Popular
1/4/2008 Tiki Barber Will Give Ross School's MLK Day Address
1/2/2008 Leveraging Online Media and Marketing
12/21/2007 Negative Buzz Proves Doubly Damaging
12/17/2007 Couldn't Find the Perfect Gift?
12/12/2007 Cross-Cultural Success: Work American-Style
12/7/2007 Stephen Ross and Tiki Barber Team Up
12/6/2007 U-M Students Go Green with Urban Shopping Carts
12/5/2007 From Russia, With Lessons
12/3/2007 Survival of the Fittest
11/26/2007 Ross School's Frankel Fund Announces New Investment
11/20/2007 Ross Net Impact Ranks No. 1 for Second Straight Year
11/20/2007 Ross Net Impact is Ranked No. 1 for Second Straight Year
11/19/2007 Is Consumerism Sustainable?
11/16/2007 Hauling Mass: Ross Class Creates "Cool" Carts for Now People
11/13/2007 Customer Satisfaction Takes First Dip in Two Years
11/8/2007 Move Over Bill, Make Room for C.K.
11/7/2007 Ross Professor Honored for Scientific Contributions
11/6/2007 Judgment: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls
11/5/2007 Management of Innovations in Global Operations
11/2/2007 Optimistic Americans Overcome Conflict at Work?
11/1/2007 Ross School's Executive MBA Remains Among Best
10/31/2007 Congressman Tom Lantos Urges Engagement, Not Isolation
10/28/2007 The Rise of Innovative China
10/25/2007 Comparing Physicians' Receptivity to Sales Calls
10/23/2007 The People Paradox: Keys to Business Growth Inspire Little Confidence
10/22/2007 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Will Give McInally Lecture
10/16/2007 Celebrated American Poet Maya Angelou Visits Ross
10/11/2007 Environment, Ethics and Society: Ross School Among the Best
10/10/2007 E-Commerce = G Squared (Growth and Globalization)
10/9/2007 Glass Ceiling Slowly Cracking, But Not Fast Enough
10/8/2007 An Afternoon with Maya Angelou
10/8/2007 Why Tiger Woods' Putter May Not Be Right for You
10/3/2007 Power Companies Turn on the Greenwash
10/1/2007 Open-Bid Auctions Offer the Best of Both Worlds
9/26/2007 Lessons Learned from ImClone and Martha Stewart
9/21/2007 Tauber Students Engineer Huge Savings for Raytheon
9/19/2007 Want a Corporate Board Seat? Try a Little Flattery
9/17/2007 Too Many Office Knickknacks? Professional Image May Suffer
9/12/2007 A New Lens for Viewing Team Adaptation
9/7/2007 BoP Live on Web
9/6/2007 When Firms Go Private: Signs Are Obvious
9/5/2007 New MBAs Thrive at Leadership Boot Camp
8/29/2007 POS: Five Years and Counting
8/27/2007 Ross School Welcomes New Faculty Members for Fall
8/15/2007 Hedge Fund Manager's Alma Mater Matters
8/14/2007 Customer Satisfaction Flat
8/6/2007 Think You're Better Than Average?
7/31/2007 Favors on Wall Street Help Ensure Good Ratings
7/25/2007 Former Business Professor Returning to Michigan
7/24/2007 True Friend and Partner of the Ross School Will Be Greatly Missed
7/18/2007 Pump Up the Volume?
6/22/2007 Former Dean Remembered for Leading Business School to National Prominence
6/19/2007 Corporate Turnarounds and the Minefields of Status Quo
6/11/2007 Professor Dave Ulrich Wins Prestigious Honor
6/5/2007 Influential Federal Appellate Court Cites Ross Professor's Work
5/29/2007 Joel Tauber Expands Campaign Commitment to More Than $4 Million
5/21/2007 Where Deals Get Done
5/15/2007 Customer Satisfaction Growth Slows, Many Companies Struggle to Keep Up
5/15/2007 Customer Satisfaction Growth Slows, Many Companies Struggle to Keep Up
5/9/2007 Erb Institute Unveils New Student Internship to Bridge Business and Environment
5/3/2007 Ross Commencement Introduces Bold, Passionate Leaders to the World
4/26/2007 Ross and Rackham Claim Ph.D. Graduates as "Forever Blue"
4/23/2007 Ross School Offers New Master's Degree in Supply Chain Management
4/17/2007 Post-9/11: Study and Dialogue Will Boost Understanding
4/16/2007 Going Private: Students Learn Valuable Lessons
4/12/2007 AOL Founder Steve Case Will Speak at Ross Commencement
4/9/2007 Ross School Honors Faculty
4/4/2007 Harness Globalization for Benefit of All
3/28/2007 Forced Rankings of Employees Bad for Business
3/26/2007 Democratizing Commerce: The Challenge for the 21st Century
3/22/2007 How Will Michigan Regain Its Competitive Advantage?
3/19/2007 Rebalancing the System to Reduce Production Disruptions
3/14/2007 Firms with Poor Accounting Quality Get Worse Lending Terms
3/9/2007 Women in Leadership Award Winner Among Forbes' Top 100 Women
3/8/2007 BusinessWeek Ranks Ross BBA No. 5
3/7/2007 Solving the Credit Spread Puzzle
3/6/2007 Ross Alum to Lead Dominican Republic Capital Markets Exchange
3/5/2007 Firms Making Payouts to Shareholders Outperform Peers
3/2/2007 Women in Leadership Award Presentation March 6
2/26/2007 Activist and War Survivor Zainab Salbi Gives Insight into 'The Other Side of War'
2/21/2007 Consumer Spending Will Remain Strong as Customer Satisfaction Hits All-Time High
2/20/2007 Paul Tagliabue: Keeping Your Eye on the Ball
2/19/2007 How to Make Money and Make a Difference in Urban Redevelopment
2/14/2007 Paul Farmer: Building a Health Care Movement
2/9/2007 Activist Zainab Salbi Will Give McInally Lecture
2/8/2007 Alternative Viewing Options for Sold-Out Paul Farmer Speech
2/6/2007 Design: An Engine to Drive Growth
2/5/2007 Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue Will Speak at Ross
2/1/2007 Option and Licensing Decisions Hinge on Firms' Capabilities and Motivations
1/30/2007 Tempering Strategic Tactics with Sincere Intentions
1/26/2007 Professor Alfred Edwards' Legacy Lives On
1/25/2007 Asia: The Growth Engine
1/23/2007 TMI is now the Joel D. Tauber Institute for Global Operations
1/22/2007 Ross School Faculty Win Grants for International Initiatives
1/18/2007 A Call for Economic Justice
1/17/2007 Corporate Political Donations Make Millions for Shareholders
1/4/2007 Activist Julianne Malveaux Will Give Ross School's MLK Day Talk
1/3/2007 Ross Students Win Second Place in Yahoo! Case Competition
12/22/2006 For the One-Armed Cook Who Has Everything
12/21/2006 The "Spillover" Effects of Foreign Investing
12/20/2006 Is the 30-Second TV Spot Dying?
12/11/2006 The Cost of Compliance
12/8/2006 Innovation in the Marketplace and on the Battlefield
12/8/2006 Great Ideas, Not Media Channels, Create Brand Momentum
12/6/2006 High-Flying Exec Offers Down-to-Earth Advice
12/4/2006 Frankel Fund is Looking to Invest in U-M Startups
12/1/2006 Turnaround Expert Relies on the Right People, Good Data
11/30/2006 Paying Off Mortgage Early May Be the Wrong Choice
11/29/2006 Business School Group Selects Ross Professor as Board Officer
11/22/2006 Google Lands in Ann Arbor
11/21/2006 A Chat with Warren Buffett
11/17/2006 Toyota Exec: Localization Fuels Global Growth
11/15/2006 TMI Team Seeks to Give Boeing a Lift
11/14/2006 Customer Satisfaction and Consumer Spending Stay Steady
11/13/2006 Reading the Script and the Balance Sheet
11/10/2006 Inside Intel's Andy Grove
11/9/2006 Dean's Statement on Proposal 2 Passage
11/3/2006 Award-Winning Student Papers Focus on Privacy Challenges and on Venture Capital Possibilities in China, India
11/1/2006 Ross Wins Net Impact Chapter-of-the-Year Honors
10/31/2006 A Rising Star
10/31/2006 Ross Students Tackle One-armed Kitchen
10/30/2006 The Stranger at the Water Cooler
10/27/2006 Live Webcast: Corporate Strategies that Address Climate Change
10/27/2006 Showcasing Social Entrepreneurship
10/25/2006 A Marriage of Convenience: Wireless and Wireline
10/23/2006 Taking Stock of China's Changing Market
10/18/2006 Climate Change Strategies Help Companies Stay Ahead of the Curve
10/18/2006 More Than Wheaties
10/16/2006 A Great Hole in the Ground: Truly a Real Estate Developer's Dream
10/12/2006 BusinessWeek Ranks Ross No. 5
10/11/2006 James P. Walsh Elected 65th President of the Academy of Management
10/9/2006 Bullish on Accounting
10/5/2006 Creating a Positive Spiral between Agentic Behaviors and Resources
10/2/2006 Using ATC to Coordinate Marketing and Engineering Design Problems
9/27/2006 Teen Ridicule Shapes Brand Awareness
9/25/2006 Understanding How Group Culture Affects Cooperation
9/21/2006 General Mills CEO to Lecture on Childhood Obesity
9/19/2006 Wall Street Journal Ranks Ross No. 1
9/19/2006 Wall Street Journal Ranks Ross No. 1
9/18/2006 Ensuring the Success of Information-Based Regulation
9/15/2006 Backdating Costs Shareholders Hundreds of Millions
9/8/2006 Office of Tax Policy Research Will Hold Conference in Washington, D.C.
9/7/2006 WDI: Leadership Training For Rwanda Ministers
8/31/2006 Reconnect, Relive and Remember at the 2006 Reunion
8/28/2006 Ross School Welcomes New Faculty Members
8/23/2006 Business Failures Are Good for the Economy
8/15/2006 ACSI: Consumer Spending May Rise Next Quarter
8/2/2006 Green Meetings Make Good Business Sense
7/26/2006 Why Strong Labor Laws Can Help Poor Managers Keep Their Jobs
7/19/2006 Playing Dating Games with Stock Options
7/14/2006 Elimination of Tax Havens Leaves Countries Better Off
7/10/2006 Money Can't Buy Happiness
7/5/2006 A "Sober" U.S. Policy on China is Needed to Strengthen Cooperation
6/30/2006 Are Elite Universities Losing Their Competitive Edge?
6/28/2006 Ross School's Past Unearthed While Building for the Future
6/26/2006 Recycling Key to Demolition and Construction Plans
6/22/2006 Dividend Goes Digital
6/15/2006 Dave Ulrich Tops List of Most Influential Leaders in Human Resources
6/13/2006 Ross Content Goes Public on iTunes U
6/9/2006 Rankings Impede Profitable Joint Ventures
6/7/2006 Firms with Hard-to-Read Annual Reports Have Lower Earnings
6/5/2006 Leadership and Employee Energy Are on the Rise
5/31/2006 Great Lakes Entrepreneur's Quest Grand Prize to be Announced June 7
5/25/2006 Scholars Gather to Discuss Base of the Pyramid Research
5/19/2006 Consumers' Willingness to Spend May Exceed Ability
5/17/2006 Dialogue on Climate Change Strategy Sparks Debate
5/12/2006 Making a Distinction Between "Cheerful" People, Products
5/9/2006 The Class of 2006's Generous Legacy
5/4/2006 Class of 2006 Says Goodbye and Goes Forth
5/2/2006 How to Succeed in Post-Doctoral Business
5/2/2006 How to Succeed in Post-Doctoral Business
5/1/2006 One Department's Success: PhD Accomplishments and Awards
4/28/2006 "Mad Money" Host Jim Cramer Receives Wolverine Welcome
4/27/2006 Ross School Students Host Career Outreach Program for Teens
4/26/2006 Ross MBA Students Win First Place in Two Case Competitions
4/24/2006 WDI's Ted London Selected as Finalist for Best Dissertation Award
4/21/2006 17 Will Be Honored at Doctoral Recognition Ceremony on April 25
4/20/2006 Students Honor Top Teachers
4/18/2006 Dean's Seminar Focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility
4/17/2006 Engaged Board of Directors Can Help a Corporation Grow
4/14/2006 Ross School BBA Student Wins Essay Contest
4/12/2006 Ross School Honors Faculty
4/11/2006 Job Losses in Wayne County Will Be Moderate through 2008
4/10/2006 Brian Talbot Named Interim Director of Graham Institute
4/7/2006 Innovation: Where Invention and the Market Place Meet
4/5/2006 National Geographic CEO Named Commencement Speaker
4/5/2006 Event Brings Scholarship Donors and Recipients Together
4/3/2006 Highly Taxed Stocks Get Higher Returns
3/31/2006 Michigan Growth Capital Symposium Will Celebrate 25 Years May 16-17
3/30/2006 Divergence of Informant and Archival Measures
3/27/2006 EVENT: Ross School Will Host Corporate Social Responsibility Conference
3/24/2006 Firms Benefit When Execs Spend Less Time Doing Their Jobs
3/23/2006 Arrow Electronics CEO Advocates Shared Leadership
3/23/2006 Arrow Electronics CEO Advocates Shared Leadership
3/21/2006 Think Your Friends Know You? Think Again
3/16/2006 Couple Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
3/15/2006 EVENT: IBM's Director of Research Paul Horn Will Speak at the Ross School
3/14/2006 Ross Students Win First Place in Case Competition
3/13/2006 Ross School of Business Partners with Apple iTunes
3/9/2006 Black Business Students Honor Professor Emeritus
3/8/2006 Zell Lurie Students Receive $98,000 in Prize and Grant Money
3/7/2006 Energy Prices Will Continue To Be a Challenge, Predicts DTE Energy COO
3/6/2006 Can Tax Policy Curb Workaholism?
3/2/2006 Accounting Quality Affects Debt Contracts
2/28/2006 Satisfaction, Churn and Calculative Commitment All Affect Retention Rates
2/24/2006 Customer Satisfaction's Continued Rebound Bodes Well
2/21/2006 It Takes a "Village" to Reduce African-American Infant Mortality
2/20/2006 New Student-Run Frankel Fund Is Ready to Invest in U-M Startups
2/17/2006 Regents Approve Moving Forward with Demolition, Site Preparation
2/16/2006 When Should Vendors Take Control While Customizing Industrial Equipment?
2/14/2006 Ross School Doctoral Student Receives $25,000 Grant
2/13/2006 Recommendations of 9/11 Report May Not Be Enough
2/10/2006 Empowering Women in Business Using Emotional Intelligence
2/9/2006 Ross School Professor Recognized for Outstanding Research on Korean Economy
2/8/2006 Balancing Patient and Payer Preferences in Medical Decision-Making
2/6/2006 Uncertainty Proves to be a Motivator for Self-Regulation
2/3/2006 FuturTech Conference Explores Ways to "Bridge the Gap" Between Business, Technology and People
2/1/2006 BBSA Conference Begins Feb. 16
2/1/2006 EVENT: Black Business Students Association Conference Begins Feb. 16
1/31/2006 Searching for Information on Early Women Grads
1/30/2006 SOX Fails to Stop Stock-Option Manipulation
1/27/2006 Procter & Gamble CEO Tells Students to "Be Who You Are"
1/26/2006 Asia Business Conference Speaker Urges Students to "Understand Your Homeland"
1/25/2006 Ross School Professor Recognized for Outstanding Research in Finance
1/25/2006 Ross School Professor Recognized for Outstanding Research in Finance
1/24/2006 Investments in Companies with High Customer Satisfaction Generate High Returns with Low Risk
1/23/2006 WDI Conference Will Address the Energy Future of China and the U.S.
1/18/2006 Client Defections: Companies Are Careful about the Company They Keep
1/18/2006 MLK Lecturer: Bill Cosby Wrong About Low-Income African Americans
1/17/2006 EVENT: IBM, Cisco Systems and Thomson Executives Will Speak at the Ross School Jan. 26 and 27
1/16/2006 EVENT: Asia Business Conference begins Jan. 20
1/13/2006 London Calling: WDI's Ted London Gives Keynote Address in the U.K.
1/12/2006 From Paper to Product: Class Takes Students Through Cycle
1/12/2006 Michigan Growth Capital Symposium Unveils 25th Anniversary Plans
1/10/2006 Entrepreneurial Spirit is Alive, Well and Highly Competitive
1/6/2006 EVENT: Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley will speak at Ross School
1/5/2006 Tradition of Excellence and Spirit of Competition Continues in Two MBA Courses
1/3/2006 Firms Benefit from Sharing Customer-Related Information
12/30/2005 Organizational Change Continues to Rise
12/27/2005 Satisfaction with Government Web Sites on The Rise
12/23/2005 U-M Board of Regents Reappoint Dean Robert Dolan to Second Term
12/22/2005 Theocentric View of Nature Offers Hope for the Environment
12/21/2005 Economist Paul McCracken Celebrates 90th Birthday
12/20/2005 C. K. Prahalad Continues to Influence and Inspire Business Management World
12/19/2005 EVENT: Michael Eric Dyson Will Give MLK Day Address Jan. 16
12/15/2005 Alcoa Foundation Grant Will Benefit Erb Institute
12/12/2005 Professor Claes Fornell Addresses Detroit Economic Club
12/8/2005 Erb Institute Provides Benchmark for New U-M Sustainability Initiative
12/6/2005 My Beautiful Tax Reform
12/2/2005 Moving Beyond Reactive Firing-Squad Mentality
12/1/2005 Cheap Credit Keeps the U.S. Economy Afloat, Says Prof. Linda Lim
11/30/2005 Corporate Governance Main Focus of Mitsui Life Symposium
11/29/2005 Unobserved Actions of Mutual Funds
11/28/2005 Leaders Talk about Executing Strategy
11/23/2005 Slight Uptick in Customer Satisfaction May Not Be Enough to Boost Spending Growth
11/16/2005 Cross-Disciplinary Teams Get Real at U-M
11/15/2005 Professor Jan Svejnar Recognized for Contributions to Economic Science
11/14/2005 Coordinated Management Can Boost Dual-Channel Online Sales Revenues
11/11/2005 Researcher Finds Glass (and Concrete) Ceilings Firmly in Place
11/11/2005 Author, Business Historian Richard Tedlow Educates, Charms Audience
11/10/2005 Michigan's First Gentleman Champions Women in Business, Politics and Life
11/8/2005 Member-Elected Trustees Help to Reduce Public Pension-Fund Abuses
11/4/2005 Finding the Right Mix Among Firm Resources, Investments and Governance
11/2/2005 Dominant Firms Use Inclusive and Exclusive Strategies to Manage Competition
11/1/2005 EVENT: Ross School Workshop Focuses on Women and Leadership
10/31/2005 EVENT: Harvard's Richard S. Tedlow Will Give McInally Lecture on Nov. 8
10/26/2005 Ross School Faculty Recognized for Outstanding Research in Business Communication
10/25/2005 Ross School Tax Experts Simplify the President's Tax Reform Panel Report
10/25/2005 Dell CFO Meets with Ross School Students
10/24/2005 Regents Approve Design of New Ross School Building
10/21/2005 Ross School of Business Brings Together Alumni, Students and Corporate Partners
10/21/2005 C. K. Prahalad Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
10/18/2005 Do Emotions Belong at the Bargaining Table?
10/17/2005 Alumni Learn About China's Impact on American Businesses
10/14/2005 EVENT: WDI's Corporate Speakers Series Kick Off Oct. 20
10/11/2005 Mitzi Short, Teresa Ressel Address Women in Leadership Conference
10/6/2005 C. K. Prahalad Receives University's Highest Honor
10/5/2005 Quicken Loans/Rock Financial Founder Shares Keys to Success
10/4/2005 Bharat Desai: Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year
9/30/2005 Ross School BBAs Get Real-World Insight at First Dean's Seminar
9/29/2005 Timing Impacts Acquisition Value Creation in Emerging Markets
9/28/2005 EVENT: Michigan Business Women Leadership Conference is Sept. 30
9/27/2005 Tauber Manufacturing Institute Awards $31,500 in Scholarships
9/23/2005 Global Leadership Firm Ranks Michigan #1 in Leadership Development
9/22/2005 Eli Lilly CEO Meets with Michigan Students
9/21/2005 EVENT: Erb Institute Movie Series Kicks Off with Award-Winning Documentary
9/20/2005 C. K. Prahalad Named One of the "Most Influential Academics" by Optimize Magazine
9/19/2005 Commercial Banks Benefit by Using Derivatives for Hedging Risk
9/14/2005 Finding the Appropriate Balance Between Politeness and Self-Assertion
9/12/2005 Marketing Guru Richard Bagozzi Returns to Michigan
9/12/2005 Harvard's Richard S. Tedlow Will Give McInally Lecture on Nov. 8
9/8/2005 WDI Starts Blog on Offshoring
9/7/2005 Businesses: Models for Peace?
8/30/2005 Forensic Laboratory Directors and Managers Hone Leadership Skills
8/29/2005 Fundamental State of Leadership Emerges at Crunch Time
8/25/2005 Rationalizing Shareholder-Protection Laws in the Post-Enron Era
8/22/2005 Going Native: Developing Trust, Social Capital Key to Corporate Longevity
8/19/2005 Six-Month Decline Halted in ACSI
8/18/2005 Confidence and Energy Levels of Business Leaders Are Down
8/16/2005 U-M Adds New Real Estate Development Program
8/11/2005 Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Pays Off for Many U.S. Companies
8/9/2005 New Course at Ross Provides Real-World Environmental Regulation and Government Policy Experience
8/2/2005 Why Corporate Governance Doesn't Work Like it Should
7/29/2005 Ross BBA Student Leads U-M Solar Car Team to Victory
7/26/2005 Ultimate Measure of HR Initiatives is the Bottom-Line Value They Provide
7/21/2005 Mutual Funds: The Downside of Introducing B and C Class Shares
7/20/2005 Gautam Kaul Named "Sustainability Pioneer"
7/13/2005 Measuring the "Sheepskin Effect" in the Czech Republic
7/12/2005 Erb Students Receive Top Honors from American Society of Landscape Architects
7/6/2005 Poor Corporate Governance Reduces the Value of Excess Cash
7/1/2005 Integration Risk Increases Post-Merger Volatility for Acquirers
7/1/2005 Integration Risk Increases Post-Merger Volatility for Acquirers
6/27/2005 Professor Joel Slemrod Gives Testimony to U.S. House of Representatives
6/23/2005 Ross School Professor Named Dean of Rackham Graduate School
6/21/2005 Wealthy Retirees Opt for Fun in the Sun - and Low State Taxes
6/15/2005 Zell Lurie Students Dominate Business Plan Competition
6/14/2005 Beauty is Familiar, Fast and Based on Beholder's Experiences
6/13/2005 Do Board Members Pay Attention When Investors Vote No?
6/9/2005 Sen. Levin Proposes Rx for America's "Allergy" to Global Warming Treaties
6/2/2005 Privatization Fails to Fulfill its Promise in Developing Economies
5/26/2005 IT Professionals: Forget Experience, Get an MBA
5/23/2005 Conference Will Explore the New Field of Visual Marketing
5/20/2005 10th Mitsui Life Symposium Will Focus on Institutional Investors
5/19/2005 C-SPAN2 to Air Wayne Baker Program
5/19/2005 State Should Keep The Single Business Tax, But With Changes
5/18/2005 Ross Students Win First Place in Case Competition
5/17/2005 Customer Satisfaction Plummets; May Signal Further Economic Slowdown
5/16/2005 Ross Students Place High in "Super Bowl" of World Business Competitions
5/13/2005 Vern Terpstra Represents U-M at Korea University's 100th Anniversary Celebration
5/12/2005 Tozzi Center Manager Earns National Recognition
5/11/2005 Why Do Consumers Choose Brand A Over Brand B?
5/10/2005 Alumnus Thomas Jones Gives $10 Million to Benefit Business Undergrads
5/9/2005 EVENT: Sen. Carl Levin Will Discuss Global Climate Change at U-M's Ross School on June 2
5/9/2005 More than 1,100 honored at Ross School Spring Commencement
5/6/2005 2005 Class Gives Record $812,840
5/5/2005 Startups "Hold Their Own" in Commercializing Early-Stage Inventions
5/4/2005 New Building Project Officially Launched
5/2/2005 Oakland County Will Rebound with Modest Job Growth
4/28/2005 Ross Student Wins Jungle Business Plan Challenge
4/28/2005 Doctoral Recognition Program Honors Graduates, Distinguished Alumnus
4/22/2005 Ross School Recognizes Alumni for Outstanding Service and Professional Achievement
4/20/2005 Erb Family Gives U-M $10 Million to Develop Ecologically and Socially Responsible Business
4/20/2005 Ross Alumnus and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Named Commencement Speaker
4/18/2005 SPECIAL REPORT: Influencing Consumer Choice, Satisfaction and Loyalty
4/15/2005 EVENT: Growth Capital Symposium will be Held June 15-16
4/11/2005 EVENT: Erb Institute and CEMP Host Environmental Expert April 14
4/8/2005 Ross Students Win Elevator Competition
4/7/2005 EVENT: A Conversation with Jack Welch on April 14
4/7/2005 Voting Your Values and Moral Visions
4/7/2005 Ross School Honors Faculty
4/6/2005 International Cooperation Is Needed to Regulate Export Cartels
4/5/2005 Author Martha Burk Takes on Corporate America
4/4/2005 Michigan Receives Top Honors for Research in Theory of Taxation
4/1/2005 Professor Priscilla Rogers Earns Best Article Award
3/31/2005 New Book Shows How to Find Joy in the Workplace
3/29/2005 Professor David Brophy Receives Award for Shaping Local Technology Community
3/24/2005 Spinoffs and Privatization Affect Firm Performance in Emerging Markets
3/23/2005 EVENT: Women's Equity Expert Martha Burk Will Speak at the Ross School
3/22/2005 Earnings Surprises Catch Wall Street Analysts Off-Guard
3/21/2005 EVENT: Zell Lurie Institute Hosts Emerging Industry Symposium - March 31 and April 1
3/15/2005 From Public to Private: Winners of CVP Competition Announced
3/15/2005 EVENT: Find Joy at Work: New Book Shows How
3/14/2005 Professor Joel Slemrod Gives Testimony to President's Tax Reform Panel
3/11/2005 Adapting Is Key to Survival, Says Chrysler President Dieter Zetsche
3/10/2005 Trading Constraints Impact Stock-Price Movements Differentially
3/7/2005 Warnings About False Claims Often Backfire with Older Consumers
3/4/2005 CVP Publishes New "Growth Capital Journal"
3/3/2005 EVENT: WDI Co-hosts President and CEO of Chrysler Group
3/2/2005 Zell Lurie Institute Appoints First Executive-in-Residence
3/1/2005 Mutual Funds May Bite the Hand That Feeds Them - But Not Always
2/25/2005 Together Cash Flows and Consumption Account for Differences in Asset Returns
2/23/2005 Zell Lurie Students Receive $46,000 in Prize and Grant Money
2/17/2005 Ross School of Business to Create New State-of-the-Art Facilities
2/17/2005 African Americans Are Underrepresented on Corporate Boards
2/16/2005 Keeping MLK's Dream Alive: Foundations Need to Do More
2/15/2005 Plunge in Customer Satisfaction May Spell Trouble for the Economy
2/11/2005 Ross Ph.D. Student Places High in Paper Competitions
2/9/2005 Ross Professors Appear in Harvard Business Review
2/9/2005 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...Reflecting on Extraordinary Potential
2/4/2005 Youth Marketing Guru Shares Virgin Mobile USA's Vision and Business Model
2/2/2005 World Tax Database Is Leading Source for Tax Information
2/1/2005 EVENT: Philippine Ambassador Will Speak Feb. 4
1/31/2005 Wal-Mart CIO Receives Women in Leadership Award
1/27/2005 Prof. Katherine Terrell Gives Keynote at Major Conference in Mexico
1/26/2005 EVENT: Internationally Recognized Social Activist to Speak Feb. 8
1/25/2005 Zell Lurie Students and Alumni Place High in Business Plan Competition
1/21/2005 European Economic Association Honors Jan Svejnar
1/20/2005 Firms Look Internally to Improve Performance
1/19/2005 Ebony Editor Spotlights Black America's Economic Clout
1/19/2005 EVENT: Wal-Mart's Chief Information Officer Will Speak Jan. 27 at the Ross School of Business
1/14/2005 Optimize Magazine Names M.S. Krishnan "Top New Thinker"
1/13/2005 EVENT: New Kmart CEO Headlines Annual BBSA Conference - 9:00 a.m. Jan. 22 in Hale Auditorium
1/12/2005 An Alternative Explanation of Why and When Firms Issue Equity
1/10/2005 Accounting Resources Directly Impact Internal Control Competencies
1/5/2005 Former Business School Dean Floyd A. Bond died December 24
1/4/2005 Not All Industries, Firms Benefit from Stock-Market Liberalization
12/27/2004 Restricting Foreign Direct Investment Dampens Multinationals' Profits
12/22/2004 EVENT: Ebony's Lerone Bennett Jr. Will Give MLK Day Address Jan. 17
12/21/2004 American Cultural Ideology Continues to Shape U.S. Business Practices
12/20/2004 Ross Students Advance to Finals in Business Plan Contest
12/17/2004 SPECIAL REPORT: Corporate Social Responsibility at Michigan
12/16/2004 ACSI: Government Services Rival Private Sector
12/15/2004 Using Dollar-Weighted Returns to Measure Investment Success
12/13/2004 Zell Lurie Institute Launches Program for Research Commercialization
12/13/2004 Stock Repurchases Are Replacing Dividends
12/8/2004 New Method Measures Emotional Quality of Daily Experience
12/7/2004 Ross Faculty Books Top Several "Best of 2004" Lists
12/6/2004 Ross Students Devise Business Plans for U-M Inventors
12/3/2004 General Mills CEO Stephen W. Sanger, MBA '70, Describes "Culture of Innovation"
12/2/2004 Easily Influenced Consumers Play It Safe When Making Purchases
12/1/2004 Executive Education Develops New Center for Corporate Executives
12/1/2004 MBA Students Gain Real-World Insight in Private Equity Finance
11/29/2004 Household Stocks: the Fewer, the Better
11/24/2004 Erb Conference to Offer Perspectives on Sustainable Transportation
11/19/2004 Michigan's Economy Will Add Jobs for the First Time in Four Years
11/18/2004 America's Economy Will Continue on a Steady Growth Path
11/16/2004 High Anxiety: Consumers Turn to Chocolate and Cigarettes
11/15/2004 Americans Are Not Bitterly Divided
11/12/2004 C.K. Prahalad's Book Named Best Business Book of the Year
11/11/2004 General Mills CEO Will Speak Nov. 17 at the Ross School of Business
11/5/2004 Ross School of Business Students Win First Place in Citigroup's Finance Case Competition
11/4/2004 Conference Examines Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on Accounting Rules
11/3/2004 Ross School Professor is Named Global Indian of the Year
11/3/2004 University of Michigan Pays Tribute to the Erbs, Dow Chemical and Holcim
11/2/2004 Hispanic Business Magazine Ranks Ross School Among Top 10
10/29/2004 Joel Slemrod: "Tax Policy Expresses the Priorities of the Country"
10/26/2004 Companies in Crisis: Money Helps Preserve Positive Relationships
10/25/2004 Zell Lurie Institute Gives $45,000 to 'Dare to Dream' Winners
10/25/2004 400 Attend the 12th Annual Women in Leadership Conference at the Ross School of Business
10/25/2004 Companies of All Sizes Benefit from Entrepreneurial Leadership
10/22/2004 Professor Joel Slemrod Will Discuss Bush and Kerry Tax Plans
10/21/2004 Professor Whitman Appointed to the State's Investment Advisory Committee
10/20/2004 WDI Will Host Talk on Thriving in an Unpredictable World
10/20/2004 Tauber Manufacturing Institute Awards $24,500 in Scholarships
10/19/2004 Michigan on the Road Brings Together Alumni, Current and Prospective Students, and Corporate Partners
10/18/2004 The Role of Leaders in Closing the Racial Gap in Health Care
10/14/2004 How Credible are Credit-rating Agencies?
10/7/2004 Wolverine Venture Fund Sees First Portfolio Company IPO
10/6/2004 Entrepreneurs Often Underestimate Growth Potential
10/5/2004 Stock Buy Recommendations from Brokers Who Seldom Give Such Advice Fare Better
10/4/2004 Academy of Legal Studies in Business Honors George Cameron
10/1/2004 Hoffman and Lyon Bring Rare Trans-disciplinary Approach to Sustainability
9/30/2004 Power Motivation Research: Feel Your Pain or Feel Lonely at the Top?
9/28/2004 Using the Law to Create Socially Responsible Corporations
9/27/2004 ACS Executive Presents Lesson on Outsourcing and Getting Ahead to Incoming BBAs
9/23/2004 Book-Tax Differences Influence Investors' Expectations
9/21/2004 Wall Street Journal Ranks Ross School of Business # 1
9/21/2004 Business Leaders' Confidence Down, Despite Better Economic Outlook
9/20/2004 12th annual Women in Leadership Conference Oct. 1
9/15/2004 The World's Poor Represent an Attractive Market and Source of Business Innovation
9/10/2004 Hundreds Gather to Celebrate, Thank Stephen M. Ross for $100 Million Gift
9/9/2004 Stephen M. Ross gives $100 million to University of Michigan Business School
9/7/2004 C.K. Prahalad will give McInally Lecture Sept. 14
9/1/2004 Turning the Poor into Consumers Creates Huge Growth Markets
8/30/2004 Involving Founders in Consolidations Improves Market Success
8/27/2004 Women in Male-Dominated Fields Feel Conflicted
8/25/2004 American Customer Satisfaction Index Holds Steady at 10-Year High
8/23/2004 Comparing Promotional Strategies for Online and Offline Channels
8/16/2004 Buying Stocks? Don't Listen to Investment Banks
8/11/2004 Knowledge Workers, Not Factory Jobs, Are Key to Prosperity
8/4/2004 Let Them Fail: Encourage Employees to Experiment
8/2/2004 Professor Wayne Baker's Arab American Study Portrays Complex Population
7/27/2004 Real Leaders Embrace Change, Regardless of Title or Position
7/23/2004 Prof. Marina Whitman Plays Key Role in Conference Board Study
7/20/2004 Balancing Offshore Cost Savings With Quality Concerns
7/15/2004 Professor Vern Terpstra To Be Honored
7/8/2004 Europe Has Untapped Potential to Drive Expansion
7/6/2004 American-style Capitalism Overshadows Competing Forms in Europe and Asia
7/5/2004 James Murdock to Receive Distinguished Service Award
7/2/2004 New Research Tool Unveiled at 9th Mitsui Life Symposium
7/1/2004 Self-regulation, Board Action Can Douse Potential Executive 'Flameout'
6/29/2004 Investors Prefer Benchmark Securities for Hedging Their Risks
6/24/2004 Assessing the Role of the Invisible Hand in Stock Market Liberalizations
6/22/2004 Business School Faculty Help Launch New Research Center
6/17/2004 Michigan MBAs Assist Czech Republic With Economic Strategizing
6/15/2004 Misery Loves Companies: Rethinking Social Initiatives by Business
6/11/2004 Transition Economies Discussed at WDI Conferences in Vietnam
6/10/2004 Michigan Business School's New India Center Opens This Month
6/7/2004 Four Business School Faculty Promoted
6/4/2004 Marketing Professor Norbert Schwarz Elected to AAAS
6/3/2004 Latest Increase in ACSI Bodes Well for Economy
6/1/2004 Taking Corporate Control Boosts M&A Returns on Emerging-Market Targets
5/28/2004 Business School Students Represent Nation at International Marketing Competition
5/27/2004 Most of Us Are Poor Judges of Our Own Abilities
5/25/2004 New MBA/Educational Studies Dual Degree
5/20/2004 Winning the Battle Between Work and Family
5/17/2004 Politics of Bank Failures: Evidence from Emerging Markets
5/13/2004 DEX Quiz Bowl Team Wins Championship
5/12/2004 Making Trade-offs in Organizational Design Choices
5/12/2004 Michigan Business School Recognizes Outstanding Faculty
5/10/2004 SPECIAL REPORT: Positive Organizational Scholarship
5/7/2004 Three of Four Business Executives Outsource Company Jobs
5/4/2004 Mutual Fund Investors: Don't Shoot for the Stars
5/3/2004 Singapore Student Wins Michigan Business School's Leadership Award
4/30/2004 Michigan Business School Students Win $20,000 First Prize
4/29/2004 Oakland County Turns Corner, Returns to Sustained Job Growth
4/29/2004 Student Scott Baron a Finalist in the 2004 Global Social Venture Competition
4/23/2004 Commemorative Pewabic Tiles Will Be Presented to 2004 Graduates
4/21/2004 Market Fundamentals Affect Investor Trading Activities
4/20/2004 Think About the People Who Work for You, Levitt Advises
4/19/2004 Business School Presents Women in Leadership Award
4/16/2004 Doctoral Recognition Program Celebrates Scholarly Success
4/15/2004 Balance Between Information Gathering and Processing Affects Acquisition Performance
4/13/2004 Executives Expect Reduced Growth in the 2nd Quarter
4/12/2004 Debt Choice Determines Capital Structure in Divested Subsidiaries
4/8/2004 William Davidson Institute at the Business School Names New Director
4/7/2004 Understanding the Impact of Positive Deviance in Work Organizations
4/5/2004 WDI Will Host D.C. Forum on Globalization of Services April 23
4/4/2004 TEST
4/2/2004 Companies Benefit by Accepting Blame for Poor Performance
3/31/2004 Job Growth Expected for Wayne County through 2006
3/30/2004 David Dougherty Advises Students to Start at a Big Company
3/29/2004 Ties to U.S. Multinationals Give Foreign Affiliates a Competitive Edge
3/26/2004 Michigan Business School Honors Social Entrepreneur Lee Shainis
3/25/2004 Business Leaders Feeling Less Productive and De-Energized
3/23/2004 MBA Student Earns First-Place Honors in Case-Writing Competition
3/22/2004 SPECIAL REPORT: Sustainable Transportation
3/19/2004 U.S. Interests Best Served by a Global System of Institutions, Treaties and Laws, Albright Says
3/16/2004 Mary Sue Coleman Chosen as Women in Leadership Award Recipient
3/15/2004 Fannie Mae Foundation CEO Named Commencement Speaker
3/12/2004 William Davidson Institute To Host D.C. Forum on EU Enlargement March 24
3/11/2004 Framework Guides Managers in Structuring Charitable Activities
3/9/2004 Businesses Can Promote Peace in Global Economy
3/8/2004 SPECIAL REPORT: Globalization
3/8/2004 Outsourcing Experts at the Michigan Business School
3/5/2004 Scott Moore Named Thurnau Professor
3/4/2004 Asset Sales Improve Investment Policies for Remaining Divisions
3/1/2004 Energizing Your Workplace: New Book Shows How
3/1/2004 EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT - Madeleine Albright will discuss today's international institutions
3/1/2004 Bandag CEO Promotes Sustainability Model for Organizations
2/26/2004 Print Ad Pictures: Less is More
2/25/2004 Scoring Points with NFL Sponsors – Karen Hudson, BA '91, MBA '95
2/24/2004 New Kamrowskis Enliven Art Environment at the Business School
2/23/2004 The Adventurous Venture Capitalist - Cleveland Christophe, MBA '67
2/23/2004 Executives Use Stock Buybacks to Manage Performance Results
2/19/2004 Customer Satisfaction Is at Its Highest Since 1995
2/18/2004 Experts Explain Warming of Sino-U.S. Relations Following 9-11
2/18/2004 Detroit's Digital Divide Not Due to Race
2/17/2004 Everything You Need to Know About Building a Sustainable Business
2/12/2004 Additivity Factors Impact Buyout and Divestiture Decisions in Biotechnology
2/11/2004 From Grand Rapids to Grand Change
2/9/2004 Building Coalitions to Break Barriers: Jesse Hill Jr., MBA '49
2/3/2004 Patriotism in Your Portfolio
1/30/2004 Buyout and Divestiture Decisions in Biotechnology
1/28/2004 Michigan Business School's Annual Asian Business Conference Will Take Place Feb. 6-7
1/27/2004 Improving the Efficiency of Supply Chains
1/26/2004 Market-related Factors Affect Central Bank Interventions in the Foreign Exchange Market
1/22/2004 Michigan Business School's Annual European Business Conference Will Take Place Jan. 30
1/20/2004 Executives expect improved growth estimates in 2004
1/20/2004 Super Bowl: Advertisers Look to Score
1/19/2004 Business Roundtable Launches New Institute
1/16/2004 Nonprofits Encouraged to Follow King's Example
1/15/2004 CEO Pay and Earnings Manipulation Strongly Linked
1/14/2004 Cuban Expert Carmelo Mesa-Lago Will Speak at WDI Seminar Jan. 21
1/8/2004 Michigan Business School's Annual FuturTech Conference Will Be Held Jan. 15-16
1/6/2004 Professor Dana Muir Elected to The Aerospace Corporation Board of Trustees
1/5/2004 Exchanging Business School Names for Financial Donations
12/18/2003 Squaring Off Over R&D Spending
12/16/2003 Alternative Strategies for Navigating through the Patent Thicket
12/16/2003 Year-end Gifts Fuel Business School Development
12/12/2003 Reversing a "Disquieting Trend" in Patient Safety
12/10/2003 Fewer Firms Issue Dividends, But More Is Doled Out
12/8/2003 Using the Law to Gain Competitive Advantage
12/8/2003 Resolving the Controversy Over Third-party Challenges to Allegedly Scandalous or Disparaging Trademarks
12/3/2003 Claes Fornell, Allan Gilmour Will Speak at the Detroit Economic Club Dec. 8
11/24/2003 National Society of Hispanic MBAs Presents Brillante Award to Michigan Business School
11/21/2003 Michigan's Sluggish Economy Will Pick up Speed in 2004-05
11/20/2003 Customer Satisfaction Gains Not Enough to Sustain Recent Spending Growth
11/19/2003 Corporate Officers Run Risk of Broad Personal Liability for Patent Infringement
11/17/2003 Concentrated Mutual Funds Perform Better, Michigan Business School Study Shows
11/10/2003 Conference Will Feature 2004 U.S. Economic Forecast and Consumer Outlook
10/30/2003 A. Alfred Taubman Will Speak at University of Michigan Real Estate Forum
10/29/2003 Industry Financial Health Impacts Recovery Rates on Defaulted Securities
10/28/2003 What Can the WTO Do to Help Poor Countries?
10/28/2003 Public Forum: Whose Democracy Is It?
10/27/2003 Cascading Effects of Compassion Impact Employees and Workplaces
10/23/2003 Ambassador Ron Weiser: Central Europe's Business Future Bright
10/23/2003 Restoring America's Image Abroad
10/22/2003 Michigan Business School's Domestic Corps Gains National Recognition
10/20/2003 Stronger Patent Protection Leads to Innovation and Tech Transfer
10/17/2003 Customer Ties and Status Help Firms Entering New Markets
10/16/2003 Executives Predict Higher Growth in Employment, Survey Shows
10/13/2003 Panel Will Discuss Restoring America's Image Abroad
10/8/2003 Reaping the Benefits of Constructive Organizational Cultures
10/7/2003 Examining Critical Factors for a Private Equity-Backed Health Care Community
10/6/2003 Michigan Recognized As Global Leader for Environmental and Social Impact Management
10/3/2003 Research Reflects Changing Views about the Purpose of Businesses
9/30/2003 Annual Women in Leadership Conference will be held Oct. 10
9/29/2003 Lost Manufacturing Jobs May Be Gone for Good, Economist Says
9/25/2003 Business School and the China Europe International Business School Sign Partnership Agreement
9/24/2003 Discovering Your 'Best Self' Helps Improve Professional and Personal Performance
9/24/2003 Michigan Business School professor proposes strategy for economic reconstruction of Iraq
9/23/2003 Small Firms Outscore Big Firms on Resource Growth and Confidence
9/22/2003 Ambassador Ron Weiser Will Discuss Business Opportunities in Central Europe
9/19/2003 Booz Allen Hamilton CEO Visiting the Business School
9/18/2003 Student, Professor Win Academic Honors for Research
9/17/2003 School Welcomes Eight New Assistant Professors
9/16/2003 Linking Executive Option Stock Grants to Future Firm Performance
9/15/2003 Entrepalooza 2003: Entrepreneurship in All Its Forms
9/15/2003 Introducing: Information Technology Champions
9/15/2003 New Book Provides Easy-to-Use Guide to Employment Law
9/10/2003 WDI Economists Tell WTO Best Ways to Help Poor Nations
9/8/2003 Sculptor Howard Ben Tré Loans "Column 36" to the Business School
9/8/2003 International Investors' Actions Contributed to Spreading Market Crises
9/1/2003 Robert Kennedy, Emerging Economies Expert, Joins B-School
8/25/2003 Option Traders Must Watch Stock Market Momentum
8/22/2003 Women business owners expect higher sales and employment figures
8/20/2003 New Book Explores the Power of POS
8/20/2003 ACSI: Customer Satisfaction Holds Steady
8/18/2003 42 Michigan MBAs Study at The Washington Campus
8/6/2003 Monthly Survey Shows Sales, Net Profits and Employment to Improve
8/6/2003 American Workways: How They Sabotage Cross-cultural Communications on the Job
8/4/2003 PhDs Shine at Academy of International Business Meeting
7/31/2003 Tax Cut Plan May Have Little Impact on U.S. Economy
7/30/2003 Weak Economic Recovery Hits More States, Hammers Same Old Few
7/28/2003 MBA '01 Grad Appointed White House Fellow
7/28/2003 Business School Professor Begins Study of Arab Americans
7/14/2003 New Monthly Survey Will Measure Company Resources and Confidence
7/9/2003 Institute for Labor and Industrial Relations: University Benefits State Economy
7/9/2003 Virtuous Firms Perform Better
7/7/2003 Kresge Library Wins Top Service Award
7/7/2003 Balancing Demand Information and Outsourcing
6/27/2003 Multinationals Promote Professional Development of Women
6/27/2003 A New Way to Look at Sustainable Transportation
6/20/2003 Employee Energy Key To Business Success
6/20/2003 More than 300 attend Michigan Growth Capital Symposium
6/12/2003 "Blurry Lines" Separate Legitimate and Illegitimate Tax Handling
6/3/2003 Wall Street Analysts Routinely Inflate Stock Prices
6/3/2003 University of Michigan Business School: Leading in Thought and Action
5/29/2003 Turning De-energizers into Energizers
5/29/2003 Growth Capital Symposium will be held June 11-12
5/21/2003 ACSI: Customer Satisfaction Rebounds Sharply
5/15/2003 Winning Pitch Helps Entrepreneur "Get Our Story Out"
5/12/2003 "Sunflower" Management Can Distort Decision-Making
5/9/2003 Class Gifts to Support Study Rooms, Lectures
5/8/2003 "Migradollars" Can Affect Homelands
5/8/2003 Awards Recognize Research, Teaching and Service
4/29/2003 Tozzi Center to Bring World to Ann Arbor
4/29/2003 Better Than a Wall Street Trading Floor
4/21/2003 IT Focus Shifting
4/21/2003 ISEF Conference Addresses Business Process Issues
4/18/2003 Ford CFO Named Commencement Speaker
4/18/2003 Business School Recognizes 15 PhD Graduates
4/17/2003 Earnings "Torpedoes" Can Sink Growth Stocks
4/15/2003 Many Investors Can Beat the Market
4/13/2003 Crisis in Korea: Issues and Prospects
4/7/2003 Reducing Accident Costs Versus Frequency
4/6/2003 Madeleine K. Albright Accepts 2003 Women in Leadership Award
3/31/2003 Firms Are Willing to Pay Taxes on Fraudulent Earnings to Avoid Suspicion
3/27/2003 Diversity Management Hinges on Firm's Learning Capabilities
3/27/2003 New Web Site Fast, Friendly and Up to Date
3/25/2003 HR Professionals Add Greater Value to Companies
3/21/2003 Stock Manipulation Creates Havoc for Investors
3/18/2003 Investors Value Firms that Disclose More
3/13/2003 Mutual Fund Operating Expenses are Often Overlooked
3/13/2003 "Chinese Walls" Fail to Curb Conflicts of Interest in Securities Firms
3/13/2003 Mistui Center to Host First Distinguished Visiting Professor-in-Residence
3/13/2003 Moskowitz Symposium on Resilient Capitalism
2/18/2003 ACSI: Customer Satisfaction Down a Bit; Consumer Spending Should Improve
2/13/2003 "Chinese Walls" Fail to Curb Conflicts of Interest in Securities Firms
1/20/2003 U-M Business School/Bloomberg Partnership Provides Competitive Adantage
1/16/2003 Executive Education Center Creates "Business of Health Care"
1/16/2003 B-School's ILIR Study: Labor Shortages in Michigan
12/16/2002 Customer Satisfaction With Government Services Drops Slightly
12/11/2002 Retirement Investment Advice: Removing Roadblocks
12/10/2002 America's Corporate Boards Separated by Just Four Handshakes
11/18/2002 American Customer Satisfaction Index 3Q2002
11/6/2002 Businesses Can Do More to Attract and Retain African-American Employees
10/23/2002 Corporate Expats Consider More Than Tax Avoidance When Relocating Overseas
10/10/2002 Attractive Annual Reports May Help Struggling Companies Lure Investors
9/24/2002 Execs: Study of Ethics a Must for CEO Success, But Not Their Own
9/12/2002 Customer Satisfaction a Strong Predictor of Consumer Spending
8/19/2002 American Customer Satisfaction Index 2Q2002
7/18/2002 U-M Business School Experts on Corporate Governance Issues
5/31/2002 Business School Prof. Richard Andrews Died Suddenly in Brazil
5/20/2002 American Customer Satisfaction Index 1Q2002
5/13/2002 Study Shows Insurers Underpay Claims to Discourage Fraud
4/30/2002 Promoting Lower Prices to New Customers Rankles Loyal Consumers
4/3/2002 Pro Forma Earnings Mislead Investors
3/28/2002 Prof. Muir on Federal Employee Welfare, Pension Advisory Council
3/27/2002 U.S. Tax System is Full of Well-Known Marketing Gimmicks
3/20/2002 Wall Street Analysts Make Decisions Like the Rest of Us
2/19/2002 American Customer Satisfaction Index 4Q2001
1/17/2002 New Course at Ross Provides Real-World Environmental Regulation and Government Policy Experience