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Mobility Facts and Trends

  • The U.S. is losing two acres of farmland, open space and wildlife habitat every minute to sprawling development (American Farmland Trust).
  • The average American spends 443 hours per year behind the wheel driving 10,000 miles (U.S. Department of Transportation).
  • The annual time idling in traffic jams in large U.S. cities rose from 11 hours per person in 1982 to 36 hours in 1999, creating ìcongestion costsî estimated at $78 billion (Texas Transportation Institute).
  • U.S. taxpayers subsidize the fossil fuel industry to the tune of $210 billion per year and subsidize automobile use at $257 billion a year, adding up to over $3,000 per taxpayer (Earth Policy Institute).
  • The transportation sector generates one-third of Americaís greenhouse gas emissions (about eight percent of total global emissions) and is the fastest-growing source (Environmental Protection Agency).

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