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More About Mobility in a Sustainable World

Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise (joint with Natural Resources and Environment)—

The Center for Sustainable Systems in the U-M School of Natural Resources and Environment—

The Center for Sustainable Transportation formed to help overcome the barriers to sustainable transportation in Canada—

Environmental Defense, a nonprofit, environmental advocacy organization—

Moving the Economy, a partnership of the City of Toronto, Canada's federal government and Transportation Options, a nonprofit working to bring about "The New Mobility" in the Toronto region—

Sierra Club "Challenge to Sprawl Campaign"—

Sloan Automotive Laboratory at MIT—

Surface Transportation Policy Project, a large coalition of organizations working to bring about sustainable transportation at the federal level—

Victoria Policy Transport Institute, a research organization addressing complex transportation problems—

World Resources Institute, a major environmental think tank—

For more information, contact: Bernie DeGroat
Phone: (734) 936-1015 or 647-1847

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