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Marketing Books, Textbooks and Workbooks

The following books, textbooks and workbooks were written or edited by faculty members. Books are listed alphabetically by title.


The American Customer Satisfaction Index: Implications for the Economy, Stock Returns and Management
Claes Fornell, David Van Amburg, Forrest Morgeson, Eugene W. Anderson, Barbara Everitt Bryant, Michael D. Johnson, National Quality Research Center, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, 2005

This monograph gauges the quality of American products and services as seen through consumers' eyes and sheds light on how buyer satisfaction affects purchases and the performance of firms, industries and the economy.


Answering Questions: Methodology for Determining Cognitive and Communicative Processes in Survey Research
Norbert Schwarz and Seymour Sudman (Editors), Jossey-Bass, 1996

This book presents a summary of the latest research on the techniques and methods used for uncovering the cognitive and communicative processes used in answering survey questions. Those in the fields of social and behavioral science, survey and marketing research, personnel and program evaluation, psychological and educational testing will find this a practical, useful resource.


Determining the Value of Non-Marketed Goods
R. J. Kopp, W. W. Pommerehne and Norbert. Schwarz (Editors), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997

Contingent valuation (CV) measures passive use value or existence value. The first section of this book provides background into the issues regarding CV and the reliability of CV estimates of economic value. The second section focuses on tests for theoretical consistency of CV results. The final section addresses the application of CV to actual economic valuation tasks.


The Future of Competition: Co-creating Value with Customers Venkat Ramaswamy and C.K. Prahalad, Harvard Business School Press, 2004

Suggesting that the traditional system of value creation is becoming obsolete, Prahalad and Ramaswamy examine the changing relationship between the consumer and the firm, challenge companies to develop unique ways to co-create value with their customers and outline a framework for accommodating large numbers of consumers with varying interests, skill levels and desires.


Marketing Issues in Transitional Economies (a volume in The William Davidson Institute Series on Transitional and Emerging Economies)
Rajeev Batra, editor, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999

This book examines issues facing marketing managers and scholars in such transitional economies as China, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Vietnam as they become more deregulated and open.



Persuasive Imagery: A Consumer Response Perspective
Rajeev Batra and Linda M. Scott, editors, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2003

Rajeev Batra and Linda M. Scott present 20 papers that examine the interaction of commercial messaging imagery, the processing of images by mental processing and contextual contingencies in the production of consumer response. The papers examine the word-image relationship of the corporate logo, variability in response to advertisements and the representation of products as objects.


Power Pricing
Robert J. Dolan and Hermann Simon, Free Press, 1996

In today's hypercompetitive global marketplace, a company's pricing policy can make or break the bottom line. Yet a surprising number of firms attempt to increase profits without the aid of a carefully and creatively designed pricing strategy. In this book, the world's two leading price experts, Robert J. Dolan and Hermann Simon, take managers beyond conventional thinking to show how their breakthrough system of "power pricing" will improve the bottom line by an order of magnitude.


The Social Psychology of Consumer Behavior
Zeynep Gurhan-Canli, Richard P. Bagozzi and Joseph R. Priester, Open University Press, 2002

This book brings together research and practical insights into how theories in social psychology can be applied to consumer behavior. It considers why consumers buy what they do, and how they go about making individual and group decisions concerning consumption. The result is essential reading for students, researchers and practitioners in psychology and marketing and related fields.


Thinking About Answers: The Application of Cognitive Processes to Survey Methodology
Seymour Sudman, Norman M. Bradburn, Norbert Schwarz, Jossey-Bass, 1996. [Russian Translation 2003]

This book explores what answers mean in relation to how people understand the world around them and communicate with one another, based on the most current insights from research on survey methods and cognitive psychology. This is an invaluable resource for survey research practitioners and students, cognitive and methodology researchers and methods or cognitive psychology students.


Well-Being: Foundations of Hedonic Psychology
Daniel Kahneman, Edward Diener and Norbert Schwarz (Editors), Russell Sage Foundation Publications, 2003

The nature of well-being is one of the most enduring and elusive subjects of human inquiry. This book draws upon the latest research to transform our understanding of this ancient question. With contributions from leading authorities in psychology, social psychology and neuroscience, this volume presents current scientific efforts to understand human pleasure and pain, contentment and despair.



Advertising Management, 5th edition
Rajeev Batra, John G. Myers and David Aaker, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1996

Spanning advertising management, communication, production and promotion, this text looks at the necessary decisions involved in the development and execution of an advertising campaign. The fifth edition has been updated to include current research and readings, and improved to encompass more of the advertising process.



Global Environment of Business
Vern Terpstra, Ravi Sarathy, Lloyd Russow, North Coast Publishers, Inc., 2006

This brief text gives students a real-world taste of this dynamic field, preparing them for entry into the global workplace of the 21st Century. Information technology, in particular, is featured—reflecting the widespread and pervasive impact of newer technologies in international business.


International Dimensions of Marketing, 4th edition
Vern Terpstra and Lloyd C. Russow, South-Western College Publishing, 2000

Terpstra and Russow describe the marketing mix from an international perspective. They discuss in detail the determinants of international marketing and how they differ from those that influence domestic marketing. The book also includes three dimensions of international marketing: international marketing, foreign marketing and multinational marketing.


International Marketing, 8th edition
Vern Terpstra and Ravi Sarathy, The Dryden Press, 2000

Drawing on the extensive and unparalleled international marketing experience of Terpstra and Sarathy, this book takes a comprehensive look at the environment, problems and practices of today's international marketing arena. It gives students a real-world taste of this dynamic field, preparing them for entry into the marketing workplace of the 21st century.


International Marketing, Ninth Edition
Vern Terpstra, Ravi Sarathy, Lloyd Russow, North Coast Publishers, Inc., 2006

The ninth edition has been completely revised, reflecting current developments in the field and the imperatives of dealing with an increasingly global economy. It takes a look at the environment, problems and practices of today's international marketing arena.


The Law of Marketing
Lynda Oswald, West Legal Studies in Business/Thomson Learning, 2002

 This stand-alone text provides a comprehensive overview of the law relating to marketing activities. Students learn how to become a better manager and make informed decisions when confronted with legal issues related to the marketing of goods or services. The book emphasizes the prevention of liability and disputes while using the law to formulate defensible business decisions.

Marketing Management: The Big Picture
Christie Nordhielm, Thomson Custom Publishing, 2004

Marketing expert Christie Nordhielm provides a set of materials that enables students to attack marketing problems by utilizing an integrated framework and associated tools designed to help them analyze, prioritize and then solve these problems.



Marketing Management: Text and Cases
Robert J. Dolan, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2001

This Harvard casebook by Robert J. Dolan is appropriate for the rigorous end of the spectrum in Marketing Management courses. The overall framework of this text is clean and easy to follow, focusing more on strategy in covering the marketing process and less on research and implementation. This makes the discussion of the marketing mix much more coherent for professors to teach and students to learn.


Marketing Research: An Applied Approach, 5th edition
Thomas Kinnear and James R. Taylor, McGraw-Hill, 1996

This book provides an applied approach to the managerial use of marketing research, and is designed and organized by the steps in the marketing research process. Great care has been taken to deal with the technical aspects of marketing research in a manner that allows the reader to apply research procedures to real applications in a pragmatic, step-by-step fashion.


Promotional Strategy: An Integrated Marketing Communication Approach, 9th edition
Martin W. Warshaw, James F. Engel and Bonnie B. Reece, Pinnaflex Educational Resources Inc., 2000

This book focuses on the integration of the entire promotion mix, not just advertising. As with prior editions, this edition is built on a solid behavioral foundation. The authors' conviction is that advertising, trade promotion, consumer promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, public relations and publicity, and corporate advertising are all component parts of one integrated promotional mix.


AutoSim-The Marketing Laboratory
Thomas Kinnear, Michael Deighan and Stuart James, Interpretive Software, Inc., 1990-2004

This book uses marketing research to teach customer and competitor analysis. Market knowledge can be used to make decisions in an active and changing environment. Decisions in the simulation focus on marketing activities and production and financial issues. The authors designed the "marketing laboratory" to have the richness of case analysis while placing the participant in a dynamic, simulated environment.


PharmaSim-Marketing Management Simulation
Thomas Kinnear, Michael Deighan and Stuart James, Interpretive Software, Inc., 1990-2004

This book is a computer simulation based on the over-the-counter medicine industry and is modeled from a brand management perspective, but the issues addressed can apply to any industry. Participants are members of a marketing management team. Decisions regarding product mix, pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion are incorporated into a computer-simulated market and evaluated based on the competition.


StratSim Marketing: Marketing Strategy Simulation
Michael Deighan, Stuart James and Thomas Kinnear, Interpretive Software, Inc., 2006

This book is a marketing strategy simulation game based on the auto industry. Students can utilize advanced marketing research techniques like conjoint analysis, perceptual mapping and concept testing.



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