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Contributors to the Field

While POS scholars reside around the world, the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship is housed at the Ross School of Business. A number of preeminent scholars at Michigan conduct POS research:

  • Wayne Baker studies how positive energy is created, transferred, and destroyed in social networks, as well as its potential effects on outcome variables such as performance and satisfaction. He was named director of the center in late 2004 and joins Kim Cameron, Jane Dutton, Barb Fredrickson, Bob Quinn and Gretchen Spreitzer as the core faculty.
  • Kim Cameron studies the relationship between organizational virtuousness and performance and identifies the factors that explain why such organizations perform in spectacular ways.
  • Barbara Frederickson (LS&A Psychology) focuses her research on the short- and long-term impact of positive emotions on individuals and organzations.
  • Jane Dutton investigates the effects of high-quality connections at work, the causes and effects of compassion, and the conditions that enable human thriving.
  • Bob Quinn has developed the construct of the fundamental state of leadership and its effects on the processes of positive personal and organizational change.
  • Gretchen Spreitzer has developed a research program centered around how organizations can create positive and energizing work environments. Her research focuses on how to empower people, create hope and enable thriving at work.
  • Kathie Sutcliffe seeks to understand the fundamental mechanisms of organizational resilience and human thriving.

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