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BusinessWeek Ranks Ross BBA No. 5

3/8/2007 --

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—The Ross School's BBA program moved up a spot to No. 5 in BusinessWeek's second annual ranking of the top undergraduate business programs in the country.

The BusinessWeek rankings are based on five sources of data: an online student survey; a recruiter survey; median starting salaries for graduates; the number of graduates admitted to the top 35 MBA programs; and an academic quality measure that consists equally of SAT/ACT test scores for business majors, full-time faculty/student ratios in the business program, average class size in core business classes, the percentage of business majors with internships, and the number of hours students spend preparing for class each week.

The student survey consists of about 40 questions that ask students to rate their programs on teaching quality, career services, alumni network and recruiting efforts, among other things. Using the average answer for each of the questions and each question's standard deviation, BusinessWeek calculated a 2007 student survey score for each school. For schools that participated in both the 2006 and 2007 rankings, BusinessWeek then combined the student survey scores for each year, with the most recent year counting for two-thirds of the score, and the previous year counting for one-third.

The combined student survey score counts for 30 percent of the final ranking, as does the academic quality measure. The recruiter survey score counts for 20 percent, while starting salaries and the feeder school measure each count for 10 percent.

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