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Live Webcast: Corporate Strategies that Address Climate Change

10/27/2006 --

Erb Institute's Nov. 10 climate change conference will help companies develop climate strategies.

DATE: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Nov. 10

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   Listen to Andrew Hoffman discuss climate change strategies in business.

EVENT: A live webcast of a University of Michigan conference on "Corporate Strategies that Address Climate Change" will help companies consider the range of available options for developing a climate strategy and help financial analysts identify benchmarks for industry best practices on the issue.

Andrew Hoffman, co-director of U-M's Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, will discuss his recent study, "Getting Ahead of the Curve: Corporate Strategies that Address Climate Change"—a "how-to" manual for companies interested in developing effective climate strategies. It is based on a 31-company survey and six in-depth case studies of Alcoa, Cinergy (now Duke Energy), DuPont, Shell, Swiss Re and Whirlpool, all of whom will share their climate-change strategies during the Webcast.

Keynote speakers include Winston Hickox, senior portfolio manager for California Public Employees' Retirement System, who will discuss "Motivating Climate-Related Strategies: A View from the Investment Community," and Bill Townsend, deputy CEO of Holcim (US) Inc., who will address "Linking Climate and Business Strategy." Panel discussions will focus on lessons learned from resource-based companies and from utilities, consumer goods and insurance.

SPONSORS: Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise (a joint partnership between the Stephen M. Ross School of Business and the School of Natural Resources and Environment) and the Pew Center on Global Climate Change

For more information, visit the Corporate Strategies that Address Climate Change conference Web site or contact Dominique Abed of the Erb Institute, (734) 763-8155 or

For more information, contact:
Bernie DeGroat
Phone: (734) 936-1015 or 647-1847