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How to Succeed in Post-Doctoral Business

5/2/2006 --

Alumnus Margarethe Wiersema and Professor Jane Dutton speak to PhD candidates about balancing life, research and teaching.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—In his opening remarks at the 2006 Doctoral Recognition Ceremony last week, Dean Dolan commented that the PhD program is "in the best shape it has ever been."

This year, 17 doctoral candidates were congratulated for their contributions to research and teaching at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Doctoral students received a half-million dollars in grants and 27 fellowships and taught 537 students.

Gautam Ahuja, chair of the doctoral studies committee, advised students to "go forth and publish" and remarked that the globalization, innovation and complexity in the world today makes it the best time to have a doctorate in business.

Keynote speaker Margarethe Wiersema, MBA '77 and PhD '85, received the Distinguished PhD Alumni Award. Wiersema, professor of strategic management at the University of California-Irvine, spoke to the PhD candidates about balancing the demands of research, teaching and publishing and administrative duties.

"You have to make choices and avoid distractions," she said. "The journey to junior faculty member is not seamless. Getting tenure makes it more complicated."

Wiersema offered several strategic tips to the PhD candidates. First, don't try to be a "superperson." Learn to prioritize and say no. Second, control your calendar. Conducting good research requires blocks of time without interruption. Lastly, focus on only a few research projects at a time and avoid tangents.

Jane Dutton, the William Russell Kelly Professor of Business Administration and professor of management and organizations at the Ross School, was presented with the 2006 PhD Teaching Excellence Award.

"PhD students have enriched and changed my life for the better," she said.

In her acceptance remarks, Dutton read a list of "things they never told me" upon receiving her PhD about the impact doctoral students would have on her academic career. She said that PhD students have continuously influenced her teaching, provided inspiration and encouragement, instilled humility and the value of listening, learning and patience, and finally, have become life-long colleagues.

PhD Forum president Marlys Christianson introduced the PhD candidates. Honorees included: Carol Anilowski (Accounting), Julian Atanassov (Finance), Craig Brown (Finance), Judson Caskey (Accounting), Hyejeung Cho (Marketing), Kurtis DeMaagd (Business Information Technology), Weili Ge (Accounting), Radhakrishnan Gopalan (Finance), Frederick Lehmann (Business Economics and Public Policy), Qin Lei (Finance), Maria Mayorga (Operations and Management Science), Ning Nan (Business Information Technology), Francisco Polidoro Jr. (Strategy), Narayan Ramasubbu (Business Information Technology), Sophie Shive (Finance), Ling Wang (Operations and Management Science) and Melissa Wooten (Management and Organizations).

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