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WDI Starts Blog on Offshoring

9/8/2005 --

The William Davidson Institute (WDI) has launched a group Web log—or blog—that discusses Globalization of Services (GoS) issues.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—On the blog a team of leading thinkers share their perspectives on this phenomenon, commonly referred to as offshoring, and also comment on current news and trends in this field.

Broader WDI community members are then able to post their responses to the team postings and discuss the issues further. Blog participants also are provided with access to important resources on the topic, such as working papers, news articles and policy and business briefs.

Those who have agreed to lead discussions on the blog—called team members—include a professor at the Indian Council of Research in International Economic Relations (ICRIER), a vice president of a leading U.S. consulting firm and a CEO of a top knowledge process outsourcing firm.

WDI Executive Director Robert Kennedy also will lead discussions. Kennedy, professor of business administration at the Ross School of Business, has worked on GoS issues since 2000 when he engaged with Tata Consulting Services on a series of teaching case studies.

Being able to host blogs was one of the reasons WDI launched a new technology platform earlier this year. The institute, a non-profit research and educational center that focuses on business and policy issues in emerging markets, aims to become a gathering point and center of expertise. Blogs will help the institute reach its goal of virtual and ongoing collaboration.

"The group blog provides a place for leading thinkers on globalization of services to interact with each other and to initiate discussions for a global audience," Kennedy said. "This blog facilitates the sharing of information and insights and provides a community-building focus."

The blog enables stronger and richer interaction between the community and thought leaders, and lead to new ideas. In the future, WDI will explore ways to extract insights and wisdom from this community knowledge and exchange.

To view the blog and participate, go to

For more information, contact:
Dan Shine
Phone:(734) 615-4563