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Tozzi Center to Bring World to Ann Arbor

4/29/2003 --

Ann Arbor, Mich., April 29, 2003 - The University of Michigan Business School (Michigan) today celebrated the opening of the John R. and Georgene M. Tozzi Electronic Business and Finance Center (Tozzi Center) and announced a partnership with Bloomberg LP that will create the largest Bloomberg Product Certification program in a university setting.

Interactive center provides new tools for action learning

The $2 million Tozzi Center is a state-of-the-art learning facility that uses wireless technology to support action-based learning. The 5,800-square-foot building includes a new financial analysis and trading floor classroom, a flexible and wireless electronic classroom and an E-lab seminar room. It is equipped with the latest in live financial data feeds, information services, research tools and trading tools to allow students to experience the look and feel of a trading floor environment.

According to Robert J. Dolan, dean of the Michigan Business School, the Tozzi Center underscores the competitive advantage Michigan offers its students over their peers.

“Michigan’s commitment to action-based learning develops leadership and analytical skills that only practical experience can provide,” said Dolan. “By creating advanced tools like the Tozzi Center that mirror real-world situations we are able to put practice into the curriculum and create a richer learning experience for students.”

Tozzi Center benefactor John R. Tozzi, president and CEO of Cambridge Investments Ltd. and a Michigan MBA graduate with distinction (1967), points to the Center as a significant way Michigan executes its approach to action-based learning for finance students by providing hands-on applications and teaching tools.

“During my time as a student at Michigan, hands-on learning consisted of the pay phone we used to conduct our first stock trades,” said Tozzi. “But today’s Michigan graduates will enter the marketplace armed with a considerable experience base that will be a model for business schools around the world.”

Richard G. Sloan, the Victor L. Bernard PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Collegiate Professor of Accounting and Finance, developed the school’s financial analysis and trading curriculum and is teaching the first classes offered in the Tozzi Center. Sloan said the simulated trading floor is better than the real Wall Street trading floor for students because they have access to the latest securities research, investment banking and asset management tools.

“The technology and resources available to students in the Tozzi Center, including networked workstations, integrated teleconferencing system, dedicated feeds for real-time information from global markets and the latest financial services like Bloomberg Professional, rival the tools and resources of professional traders,” said Sloan. “Students who have the opportunity to learn in this classroom will clearly have an advantage when they leave.”

Bloomberg training enhances unique Michigan b-school experience

Equally important to Michigan students’ learning experience will be the just announced partnership with Bloomberg, said Dolan.

The agreement brings Bloomberg’s Product Certification Program in-house, creating the largest certification center in a university environment – a significant advantage to Michigan Business School graduates. Obtaining certification while at Michigan eliminates the need for new employers to foot the costs associated with sending a Michigan graduate to Bloomberg Product Certification training and allows the new employees to start working in the financial community immediately. To date, a majority of our MBA students and many BBA and PhD students are nearing completion of the three-month program.

“Michigan has long been a destination for business students with a career focus in the financial sector,” said Dolan. “By forging close relationships with industry leaders like Bloomberg, Michigan students will continue to stand apart from their peers with the ability to begin working from experience right at graduation.”

Action-based learning sets Michigan students apart

Action-based learning is a fundamental element of the Michigan MBA program that provides students with interactive and hands-on education tools that move beyond the traditional classroom.

“By definition, action-based learning means hands-on, practical experience,” said Dolan. “Which is why, with the help of John and Georgene Tozzi, we have spent $3 million on a state-of-the-art classroom that seats 50 students.”

Located in the heart of Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan Business School is a premier management education institution nestled within one of the finest research universities in the world.

With its focus on general management, Michigan offers best-in-class training in all business disciplines and functional areas to create agile agents of change that can adapt to meet any challenge. Coupled with Michigan’s deep commitment to action-oriented learning, the result is graduates with unparalleled leadership skills.

The University of Michigan Business School has trained 34,000 MBA leaders who now live and work in 97 countries, and has consistently been ranked within the top ten business schools in the world since rankings began in 1988.

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