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World Tax Database Is Leading Source for Tax Information

2/2/2005 --

The Office of Tax Policy Research seeks to create industry standard for tax analysis.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Nowhere has there existed a more comprehensive, systematic and reliable source of quantitative information on trends in international, national and individual state taxation until now.

The Office of Tax Policy Research (OTPR) at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan developed the World Tax Database ( in an effort to provide tax information for all countries, all taxes and all years. The database currently holds information for more than 100 countries spanning over 20 years and is frequently updated.

It is quickly gaining in popularity as numerous countries are utilizing its power–the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy and New Zealand, to name a few.

OTPR created the database to be the resource of choice for journalists who need quick access to tax facts, academics whose research includes tax matters, policy-makers seeking global or historical perspectives on legislation, and interested citizens looking for tax information.

Two types of tax policy information are included in the database: statutory information, which concerns the provisions of tax statutes; and tax revenue information such as corporate taxes, individual income taxes, property taxes and others.

Under the current direction of professors Joel Slemrod and James Hines, OTPR was established in 1987 and serves to encourage and facilitate joint research on the tax system by economists and scholars of other disciplines and to be the liaison on tax issues among the academic, business and policy-making tax communities.

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