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Theresa Welbourne
  Theresa Welbourne

Firms Look Internally to Improve Performance

1/20/2005 --

Study shows that companywide initiatives rank first for leaders trying to improve performance.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Companies that want to improve performance pay attention to more than the bottom line, according to a University of Michigan business professor.

In the latest Leadership Pulse survey of business executives, Theresa Welbourne asked 456 respondents what they are doing to improve their company's performance beyond cutting costs.

Of those polled, 27 percent said they are undertaking companywide initiatives to improve performance; 17 percent are focusing on strategies, partnerships and business growth opportunities to increase sales; 13 percent are providing employees with training, seminars and other educational resources; and 11 percent are trying to motivate and encourage employees to improve their work.

Less than 10 percent say they are introducing new products and services, implementing new technologies, hiring new employees or improving customer service in their efforts to improve performance.

"These results indicate that leaders are seeking help from within," said Welbourne, who teaches executive education at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business and is CEO of eePulse Inc. "Senior executives are looking to their workforce for ideas and help in improving firm performance."

Started in June 2003, the Web-based Leadership Pulse measures the effects of key resources and confidence levels on overall business growth and performance. For more information or to participate in the Leadership Pulse survey, contact Welbourne or the eePulse research team at (734) 996-2321 or visit or

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