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WDI Will Host D.C. Forum on Globalization of Services April 23

4/5/2004 --

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan Business School will host a conference on ¿Globalization of Service Activities: Growth Catalyst or the Final Straw for U.S. Workers?¿ April 23 in Washington, D.C.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, a Davidson Institute distinguished scholar, and WDI's associate director Robert Kennedy, an expert on business opportunities and strategies in emerging economies, will chair the conference.

Kennedy says the conference will focus on three issues:

  1. What does the globalization of services mean for growth in developing countries, such as India, Costa Rica and the Philippines?
  2. What does offshoring mean for U.S. companies?
  3. If globalization of services is a trend that is here to stay, how should the United States structure its policies to ensure the nation's long-term economic growth and vitality?

"The recent focus in the United States has been on job migration and cost savings, but this focus can be misleading," Kennedy says. "Many U.S. companies are forced to expand abroad in order to compete with new, low-cost international rivals. Others are expanding abroad to tap new sources of skilled talent–in software services, genomics, medicine and product development."

Scholars, government officials, policy-makers and industry leaders will participate in the discussion. Those interested in attending should contact the Davidson Institute at 734.763.5020 or

For more information, contact:
Dan Shine
Phone: 734.615.4563