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Professor Linda Lim on China as a Political Issue :: Audio

10/31/2012 --

Strategy professor discusses the presidential candidates' views on China, and why its currency isn't the main concern.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — China has become an issue in the presidential campaign, with challenger Mitt Romney saying that if elected, he'd name the country as a currency manipulator.

In this interview with Lansing radio station WILS-1320, Michigan Ross Professor Linda Lim talks about the two candidates and their approach to China. Lim, a strategy professor and expert on international trade, says currency isn't the problem with the U.S.-China relationship. She also doubts Romney would make good on his threat, as it would harm U.S. businesses.

Lim was interviewed by host Michael Cohen on "Capital City Recap."

Listen to interview.

— Terry Kosdrosky

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