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If the Skate Fits

9/23/2011 --

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ANN ARBOR, Mich.—In June 2009, while many of his former classmates on Wall Street were reeling from the effects of the financial crisis, Jason Botterill, AB '97/MBA '07, was drinking from the Stanley Cup.

The newly appointed assistant general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins played a key role on the star-studded National Hockey League team that had just edged the Detroit Red Wings in an epic championship series.

A few years prior, the former NHL player was nursing a career-ending injury that seemed to close the door on professional sports. He'd hung up his skates and enrolled at Ross to pursue a career in commercial finance or banking. But then he overheard some classmates talking about how much they would love a career in sports management — if only they had the connections.

"Here I was with all of these contacts from my playing days, and I realized I had to take advantage of it," Botterill says. "I still had a passion for hockey. I had a unique opportunity to utilize the skills I was learning at Ross and stay involved with a sport I've loved since I was four."

Botterill used that combination to net a job with the Penguins' front office after graduation. His experience playing, scouting, negotiating, and navigating the NHL's salary cap is helping Pittsburgh remain at the top of the league.

In this video interview, Botterill explains why his job is so cool.

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