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Super Bowl: Advertisers Look to Score

1/20/2004 --

ANN ARBOR, Mich.---Successful advertisers during the Super Bowl have been able to position their brands with consistency and unmistakable clarity, incorporating their ads into an overall communications strategy, say University of Michigan marketing experts.

"Super Bowl ads must remain true to the 'DNA' or personality of the brand (to build a successful brand image)," says David Moore, associate professor of sport management. "At the same time, Super Bowl TV viewers expect ads to be visually arresting, surprisingly funny, ads that reward us with laughter or even a tear, ads that shock the emotions and leave the brain itching. This is the new paradigm."

Christina Brown, assistant professor of marketing at the Michigan Business School, says the most successful Super Bowl advertising will be part of an integrated campaign.

"It won't just be 30 seconds of televised glory, but part of a big promotional event for the organization that connects with the consumer via promotions, via the Internet, etc.," she says. "And one that gets the retailers involved, too.

"Brands that buy the time without making it an integrated part of their communications strategy will increasingly find they are wasting their money."

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