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Real Estate, Politics, and the Michigan Economy :: Video

5/16/2011 --

Former ambassador to Slovakia Ronald Weiser, BBA '66, shares insights that could benefit Michigan's economy.

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Ann Arbor, Mich.—Ambassador Ronald Weiser, BBA '66, has achieved success in both business and politics. He founded real estate investment firm McKinley Associates, which now owns and manages $2.5 billion in assets. In 2001 he was appointed ambassador to Slovakia, which at that time was undergoing its transition from a Communist state (as part of the former Czechoslovakia) to a free-market economy. Weiser was chairman of the Michigan Republican Party in 2010, a year in which the GOP enjoyed a state electoral sweep. He's now co-chair of the Republican National Committee's National Finance Transition Committee.

In this video interview, Dividend's Terry Kosdrosky talks with Ambassador Weiser about what emerging countries switching to a free-market system can learn from Slovakia's transition. He also discusses what Michigan can do to improve its economy and attract young business leaders to the state.

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