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BP's Fallout: Where to from Here? :: Audio

6/24/2010 --

BP PLC continues to cope with fallout from the April disaster that killed 11 workers and continues to spew unprecedented amounts of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Ross professor and sustainability expert Tom Lyon joins marketing professor Christie Nordhielm to explore the effects this ongoing crisis may -- or may not -- have on energy and environmental policy, as well as corporate strategy. Lyon and Nordhielm also deconstruct the perils of marketing environmental stewardship.

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About the experts:

Tom Lyon is the Dow Professor of Sustainable Science, Technology, and Commerce at Ross and a professor of natural resources in the School of Natural Resources and Environment. In addition, he is director of the Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise at the University. Lyon's primary research interest is the interplay between corporate strategy and public policy, which he has pursued in a number of areas, including corporate environmentalism, electric utility investment practices, natural gas contracting, innovation in the healthcare sector, and the introduction of competition in regulated industries.

Christie Nordhielm is a widely recognized marketing consultant, trainer, and author who has partnered with firms across numerous industry sectors to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts. In addition to her consulting work, Nordhielm lectures extensively both domestically and abroad and her expertise is often sought by print and television media outlets. In addition to her publications in academic journals, Nordhielm has published in the Harvard Business Review. She is the author of Marketing Management: The Big Picture (Wiley and Sons).

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