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Lynn Wooten
  Lynn Wooten

Lynn Perry Wooten Named First Scholar in Residence at Council of Michigan Foundations

6/10/2010 --

Ross professor brings expertise in diversity and organizational strategy to the philanthropic sector.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Lynn Perry Wooten recently was named the first Scholar in Residence at the Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF). She will bring her expertise in diversity and organizational culture to the CMF's initiative Transforming Michigan Philanthropy Through Diversity and Inclusion (TMP). Wooten is a clinical associate professor of strategy and management and organizations at Ross. She also is co-director of the school's Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship.

As CMF Scholar in Residence, Wooten is working with TMP co-leaders to help increase the diversity of individuals serving, leading, governing, and advising foundations and corporate giving programs. One goal is to answer the question of how a foundation becomes more diverse and inclusive, and how such policies can impact organizational effectiveness. At the same time, Wooten is consulting with CMF directly as it reviews and builds on its own diversity and inclusion practices.

"The creation of our first Scholar in Residence position is a notable development for us," says CMF President & CEO Rob Collier. "Lynn has already made significant contributions to our work and we are excited about the opportunity to give back by contributing to her knowledge and research of the philanthropic sector. The fact that Lynn is as eager to learn from us as we are from her makes her the perfect partner."

For her part, Wooten says, "CMF trustees and executive staff really get it. They realize the far-reaching and important changes that can be achieved for foundations that truly embrace diversity and inclusion, and they are putting their time, efforts, and money into making it a reality."

Wooten's current research focuses on how changes in workforce demographics and the knowledge economy influence the implementation of strategic human resource management practices. In particular, she examines how these human resource management practices affect the performance of organizations and employee-related outcomes. She has three streams of research examining:

  • how positive organizing routines influence human resource management capabilities, innovation, customer service, healthcare management, and financial performance
  • how firms respond, are resilient, and learn from crisis situations
  • why organizations invest in certain human resource management policies, such as women-friendly practices, diversity management, and work/life programs, and how these programs influence the firm's capability to recruit, develop, leverage, and retain human capital.

She teaches organizational behavior, nonprofit management, and strategic consulting courses at Ross.

—Mike Gallagher

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