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Sreedhar Bharath
  Sreedhar Bharath

Taking it to the Banks :: Video

2/15/2010 --

Regulators walk a fine line between retribution and reform, says Ross professor.

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Ann Arbor, Mich. — As the Obama administration pushes for banking reform, regulators may be tempted to embrace the populist cry to punish Wall Street for our economic woes. Calls to limit the size and scope of banks, as well as levy a tax on banks that benefited from recent bailouts are getting a lot of play. But professor Sreedhar Bharath warns that this type of retrospective approach doesn't get to the deeper issues plaguing our complex system: activities by subsidiary banks, off-balance-sheet activities, incentives, and risk-taking. Regulation must look forward, not backward he says.

Bharath is the Bank One Corporation Assistant Professor of Finance at Ross. His current research activity focuses on corporate finance, credit risk, and stock market volatility. He also has professional experience as an investment banker with the State Bank of India.

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