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Opportunities to Aid Earthquake Relief Organizations in Haiti

1/14/2010 --

On Jan. 14, 2010, the Ross Net Impact chapter sent an email to the entire Ross community in response to the earthquake in Haiti. Below is the text of that email.

* * *

Earlier this week Haiti experienced an earthquake that registered 7.3 on the Richter scale, with a 5.9 after-shock. The destruction has been devastating. Haitian leaders estimated Wednesday that tens of thousands of people have died in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Humanitarian organizations are rapidly deploying to the country in effort to provide aid and assist in the rebuilding process. We encourage you to make a donation of any size, small or large, to assist these efforts. Below you will find four organizations that are reputable and have a strong history of work in Haiti. Please consider donating now.

Doctors Without Borders - Your gift today will support emergency medical care for the men, women, and children affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Please give as generously as you can to our Haiti Earthquake Response and help us save lives.

Habitat for Humanity - The extent of Habitat's ability to help families rebuild their homes and lives after this devastating earthquake will depend on the funds we can raise for the work—and on how quickly those funds are available.

Yelehaiti - A grassroots movement that builds global awareness for Haiti while helping to transform the country through programs in education, sports, the arts and environment. Y&aecute;le's community service programs include food distribution and mobilizing emergency relief. Grammy-Award winning musician, humanitarian and Goodwill Ambassador to Haiti Wyclef Jean founded Yéle Haiti in 2005. Note - you can use your cell phone to text "Yele" to 501501, which will automatically donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund (it will be charged to your cell phone bill).

Partners in Health – This organization has been providing community health care in Haiti since 1985. Partners In Health staff are working to collect as much information as possible about the conditions on the ground in Haiti, the relief efforts taking shape, and all relevant logistics issues in order to respond efficiently and effectively to the most urgent needs in the field.

For more information, contact:
Bernie DeGroat, (734) 936-1015 or 647-1847,