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  Theresa Welbourne

Executives Predict Higher Growth in Employment, Survey Shows

10/16/2003 --

ANN ARBOR, Mich.---Employment projections rose 10 percentage points during September, according to the most recent Leadership Pulse study.

Conducted monthly by the University of Michigan Business School and eePulse Inc., the Web-based survey asks thousands of business executives worldwide to project changes for the following month in the number of new employees and customers, sales, net profits, and new products and services. The survey is designed to measure the effects of key resources and confidence levels on overall business growth and performance.

This month¿s results indicate expected growth among all of the study¿s key variables (with the percentage of those predicting increases in parentheses):

  • Number of new employees (41 percent in September, up from 31 percent in August).
  • Number of customers (77 percent in September, up from 61 percent in August).
  • Sales (73 percent in September, up from 67 percent in August).
  • Net profits (71 percent in September, up from 63 percent in August).
  • New products and services (65 percent in September, up from 48 percent in August).

In addition, the highest growth rates were reported among Web-based technology and information technology firms, while lower rates came from mining, construction and consulting firms, the study shows.

According to eePulse CEO Theresa Welbourne, about 47 percent of firms with fewer than 100 employees anticipate increasing the number of employees in the next month, while 36 percent of larger firms (those with more than 100 workers) expect expanded employment levels.

¿Even though growth is up, given that small firms are doing most of the growing, the overall effect on job growth may be minimal,¿ says Welbourne, an adjunct associate professor at the Michigan Business School¿s Zell-Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies. ¿This is due to the fact that significant growth for a smaller firm is still a relatively low number of jobs. At the same time, we know that small firms provide a significant amount of new jobs in our country, thus, taken as a whole, the overall growth story is very good news.¿

For more information or to participate in the Leadership Pulse study, contact Welbourne or the eePulse research team at (734) 996-2321 or visit

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