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Ross Faculty Promotions and Appointments

8/10/2009 --

New academic year marks faculty momentum, progress.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Dean Robert Dolan recently announced the following promotions and appointments on the Ross School faculty roster.

Full Professor with Tenure
Haitao Li - Finance
Puneet Manchanda - Marketing
Lu Zhang - Finance

Associate Professor with Tenure
Hyun-Soo Ahn - Operations and Management Science
Amy Dittmar - Finance
Robert Dittmar - Finance
Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks - Management and Organizations

Clinical Professor
Jeff DeGraff - Management and Organizations

Thurnau Professorship
Jim Walsh - Management and Organizations

Area Chairs Tom Kinnear - Reappointed to Marketing
M.S. Krishnan - Reappointed to Business Information Technology
Francine LaFontaine - Reappointed to Business Economics
Lu Zhang - Appointed to Finance

The Executive Committee
Based on a faculty vote, the following professors were nominated and subsequently approved by the University Regents to the Executive Committee. Appointments carry a two-year term.
Wally Hopp - Operations and Management Science
Cindy Schipani - Law, History, and Communication
Jim Walsh - Management and Organizations

For more information, contact:
Bernie DeGroat, (734) 936-1015 or 647-1847,