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Introducing: Information Technology Champions

9/15/2003 --

Business School faculty and students turn to video, simulation and other technology to support teaching and research.

The Business School is beginning its second year of promoting "Information Technology Champions"---selected faculty members who strive to have a significant impact by creatively using technology to support teaching, learning or research. The Champions program identifies these individuals, supports their innovations and measures their success so the entire school benefits from these pioneering efforts.

This spring, Michael Gordon, associate dean for information technology, hosted a "Breakfast of Champions" to showcase the efforts of the following:

  • Susan Ashford, professor of organization behavior and human resource management, used a video- and text-based simulation to help students prioritize leadership tasks. Students also compared their priority rankings with those of experienced business leaders.
  • Rajeev Batra, professor of marketing, created an easily searched archive of video materials to support his teaching about branding. The school continues to explore how to use video more effectively in the classroom and for research.
  • Tim Fort, associate professor of business law, developed an Internet-based simulation on the relationship between business and world peace. BBA, MBA and EMBA students used the simulation to explore the social, economic and ethical tradeoffs that must be considered in developing a business in a hypothetical, third world island economy. The simulation is slated for additional audiences, including international development workers.

To learn more about what Business School "Information Technology Champions" are accomplishing with technology, click the links below.

NOTE: To view the following videos, you will need a high speed internet connection (LAN, DSL or cable modem), and Windows Media Player 9. To test your connection and player, you can visit our Streaming Media Library page, and use the Test Your Connection links in the blue sidebar.

All Videos in One Link
- Introduction to Champions by Michael Gordon
- Susan Ashford Video
- Tim Fort Video
- Rajeev Batra Video

C.K. Prahalad, professor of corporate strategy and international business, taught an experimental version of Multidisciplinary Action Projects (XMAP), in which students described in detail the opportunities and business logic of serving those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. These "student champions" took dozens of hours of video in various locations around the world and then used the school's new video editing suite to create documentaries of the emerging business practices they witnessed. These documentaries, which support scholarship and influence practice, challenged students' abilities to communicate concisely and with impact through a visual medium.

For examples of XMAP projects sponsored by Prahalad, click the links below:

NOTE: To view the following videos, you will need a high speed internet connection (LAN, DSL or cable modem), and Windows Media Player 9.

Introduction to XMAP Student Videos by Michael Gordon
HLL Salt
Jaipur Foot
Casas Bahia

For more information, contact:
Michael Gordon
Phone: 734.763.1387