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Ross BBA Maintains Its Lofty Status

2/28/2008 --

BusinessWeek ranks the school's undergraduate program in the top six again.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.---For the third time in as many years, the BBA program at the Ross School of Business is ranked among the top half dozen in the nation.

BusinessWeek ranks the Ross School No. 6 in its third annual list of the top undergraduate business programs in the country. The Ross BBA ranked No. 5 in 2007 and No. 6 in 2006.

BusinessWeek reports that BBA students are extremely pleased with the curriculum, the top-notch professors and the excellent career services.

And why not? Each year, more than 180 firms recruit undergraduates at Ross, including top-hiring companies Citi, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Huron Consulting and Microsoft, among others.

While the average starting salary of graduates of BusinessWeek's top 25 BBA programs is $54,000, the Ross School is one of just a handful of schools to exceed the $60,000 mark.

A hallmark of the Ross BBA program is the Thomas C. Jones Center for BBA Education. Jones, retired president of CIGNA Retirement & Investment Services, gave $10 million to the Ross School to make it possible for undergraduates to experience many of the programs usually provided only to MBA students. This includes action-based learning projects, similar to those that currently characterize the Ross School MBA student experience; programming dedicated to the development not only of requisite knowledge and skills, but also of leadership capabilities; and training and guidance on career planning.

BusinessWeek's Web site features comments from several graduates of the Ross BBA program who provide a testament to their satisfaction with their undergraduate experience:

"The personal attention I have received at the Ross School of Business is unparalleled. From professors to academic advisers to peer counselors, Ross has given me every possible resource to achieve success."

"It is extremely diverse with a lot of international students, which I believe is paramount in an increasingly flattened global economy. There are ample opportunities to work or study abroad within business programs, and the teamwork that it encourages and demands is amazing. After my time at Ross, I feel very comfortable working with anyone, anywhere."

"Almost every class has a semester-long group project. Your teamwork and communication skills are vastly strengthened from the constant group work, something which is really appealing to recruiters and which always comes up in interviews. I feel like many students are prepared for jobs because of the teamwork here at Ross."

"The curriculum and Office of Career Development are top-of-the-line. Each and every Ross student has the resources and skills they need to find a great job. If Ross does one thing, it is teaching its students how to get the job and the skills they will need to excel."

"It's a holistic view of learning. Ross challenges us in the classroom and it challenges us to do things outside of the classroom. Ross provides us opportunities to apply our skills in multiple sectors and in multiple domains."

The BusinessWeek rankings are based on five sources of data: an online student survey; a recruiter survey; median starting salaries for graduates; the number of graduates admitted to the top 35 MBA programs; and an academic quality measure that consists equally of SAT/ACT test scores for business majors, full-time faculty/student ratios in the business program, average class size in core business classes, the percentage of business majors with internships, and the number of hours students spend preparing for class each week.

The student survey score counts for 30 percent of the final ranking, as does the academic quality measure. The recruiter survey score counts for 20 percent, while starting salaries and the MBA feeder school measure each count for 10 percent.

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