Now Available: Printing from your iPad

Dear Ross Community:

You now have the ability to print using Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones! We call this "mobile printing." This email will tell you how.

What is Mobile Printing? Printing to the Konica Ross-FollowYou printers from your Apple device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).
Who Can Use Mobile Printing? All Ross students, faculty, and staff connected to the MWireless-Ross network with a valid username and password, using an Apple device.
How Do I Use Mobile Printing? Make sure you are connected to the MWireless-Ross network using your uniqname and password.
  1. Open the content you wish to print from your device, tap the share icon (pictured here), and choose “Print”. 
  2. Select “Ross-MobilePrint” from the list of printers, and then tap “Print.”
  3. Retrieve your print job from any of the Konica Ross-FollowYou printers with your MCard or UM ID #.

Printing from other mobile devices, such as the many variations of Android, is not currently supported. Mobile printing from an iOS device is possible due to Apple’s “AirPrint” technology. Even so, not all apps support this functionality. For a more detailed explanation, including an illustrated walkthrough of the steps above, please visit our page on the web.

Thank you,

Ross Technology