Upgraded conference rooms in Ross

Dear Ross Community:

The conference rooms in the Ross Building have been upgraded to include Windows PCs with webcams. This widens the range of potential uses for R3010, R4020, R5020, R6320 and R6325.

 Mounted Flat-Panel Screens
  • Connect a laptop or use the PC to present
  • Use the Doceri iPad app to turn the monitor into a virtual whiteboard or annotate over the display right from your chair
 Built-In Windows PCs
  • Eliminates the need to bring or request a laptop
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse can be used anywhere in the room
 Video or Audio Conferencing
  • Use the in-room webcam for Skype or Google conferences
  • Cisco VOIP phones provide the telephone conference solution you're used to

If you'd like to know more or would like to watch a brief demonstration of the room's technology, please visit us on iMpact or click here.

Thank you,

Ross Technology