iMpact, changes to printing, and connecting to wireless

Dear Ross Students:

As the end of the semester approaches, there are a few things we'd like to quickly call attention to:

iMpact: Some have reported problems accessing iMpact when using the Chrome web browser. This is most likely being caused by a bad "cookie." Web cookies are small data files that web sites save to your computer in order to remember whether you're logged in or not. In some cases these can become corrupt and need to be cleared. If you're using the Chrome web browser, try deleting your cookies and emptying the data cache by following these instructions. Pay close attention to step 4, where you can choose to retain your browsing and download history (if that's important to you) and step 5, where you want to be sure to select "beginning of time." After you've cleared this data, close and restart Chrome and try accessing iMpact again. If you still have problems, try using an alternate web browser.

Printing: The new Konica printer roll-out is still underway and more of them have just arrived. In addition to those already available in the Kresge Library, another will soon be activated on the lower level of the Ross building. Remember that as we phase out the Xerox printers, you can use the Konica printers for free. We expect to complete the transition before classes resume in January, at which point Xerox printers will no longer be available. If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to configure your computer to use the new Konica ("Ross-FollowYou") printers.

Wireless: Please remember that you should use MWireless-Ross as your wireless network. The guest network is meant only for non-UM personnel, is unsecured, and does not give you the ability to use certain Ross services like printing. All you need to use MWireless-Ross is a uniqname and password. Even non-Ross UM students can use MWireless-Ross.

If you experience trouble with any of these items, please visit the Helpdesk conceirge desk in the Ross Winter Garden lobby or send an email to

Thank you,

Ross Technology