Changes to printing at Ross

Dear Ross Students:

We will soon begin replacing the multi-function Xerox printers with multi-function Konica printers at each printing station around Ross. The first of the new printers should begin showing up next week, and we expect to have each printing station upgraded within a few weeks.

When the new Konica printers begin to show up, we will send another message with instructions that detail how to connect and use them. As our way of thanking you for your patience, there will be no charges for using the new Konica printers during the transition period.

Please continue reading for details about this transition.

What’s a “Konica?”

Like Xerox, Konica is a manufacturer of multi-function printers.

Why switch to Konica?

During the last winter semester we put a Konica multi-function printer in the Kresge Library and asked all Ross students to help us test and evaluate the unit. At the end of that pilot, your survey results overwhelmingly favored the Konica. In addition, Konica is the preferred campus vendor for multi-function devices. Beyond wanting to follow University recommendations, we believe Konica has improvements for you in its ability to work with envelops, labels, card stock, and the option to hole punch or automatically staple your print jobs.

How will the transition work?

Starting with the ones located in the Kresge Library, we will position the new Konica printers next to the current Xerox printers wherever they are located. During this time, both Konica and Xerox printers will be available for use. Once the transition period is over and every Xerox machine has a Konica next to it, the Xerox units will be removed. We expect the entire process to take a few weeks.

Why do this now?

At the beginning of the semester, we recognize that your highest priorities are your start-of-year academics and career opportunities. We wanted to wait until the semester got rolling before we introduced a change like this.

How do I start using the Konica printers?

You’ll need to install a new “print driver.” You will install it just like you did with the Xerox printer. As soon as the first one is deployed, we will send another announcement detailing how you do this. Our website will also be updated with new instructions at that time.

Will “FollowU Printing” work with Konica?

The idea behind FollowU—that you can print a document and walk up to any printer to retrieve it—will be the same. However, both models will function independently. In other words, during the transition period you’ll need to choose which one you want to use before you click “print” on your computer.

The current Xerox printers will continue to operate using the “Ross-FollowU” print service. The new Konicas will operate using the name “Ross-FollowYOU”. When the transition period is over and the Xeroxes are removed, Ross-FollowU will not work anymore, having been entirely replaced with Ross-FollowYOU.

Can the Konica printers scan and copy?

Yes. The Konica printers can do everything the Xerox printers can do.

Will I be charged differently if I use the Konica versus the Xerox?

No. Charges for printing will be the same, and will use your same account. However, to help encourage the transition, there will be NO charges when you use the Konica printers during the transition period. Regular charges will still apply when using the Xerox printers. The "transition period" ends when the last Xerox machine is removed, and at that point regular charges will apply when using the Konica. We will send an announcement before this happens.

If I have additional questions, need to report a problem, or need guidance, where can I go?

The Konica printers will have an instructional booklet mounted on each printer just as the Xerox printers do now. In addition to the information on our website, the Ross Helpdesk is available to answer questions in the Ross Winter Garden reception area. Look for another email early next week with step-by-step instructions on how to begin using the new Konica printers when they begin to show up.


Thank you,

Ross Technology