RossWirelessUM will become MWireless-Ross

Dear Ross Community:
The RossWirelessUM and RossWirelessGuest wireless networks are going to be renamed this coming Monday, August 5, to conform to new campus naming standards.
Today, several schools/colleges on campus, including the Ross School, have chosen different names for their wireless networks that often make it difficult for people to know which name to select when walking into a building.
On Monday, August 5th, RossWirelessUM will become MWireless-Ross and RossWirelessGuest will become MGuest-Ross. When this happens, your computer, phone and other mobile devices will prompt you to choose another network. Simply choose MWireless-Ross and authenticate with your uniqname and password.
The only people using MGuest-Ross should be visitors to the school, like speakers, recruiters and event participants. Everyone with a uniqname or sponsored uniqname should use MWireless-Ross exclusively.
This should be a smooth and uneventful transition for you, but if you do run into difficulties, please contact the Helpdesk at 615-3000.
Thank you,
Ross Technology