iMpact Messages and Spam

Dear Ross Community:
The robustness of Google Mail's spam filtering is wonderful. Clicking "Report Spam" on an unwanted message doesn't just remove it from your Inbox, it also tells Google what kinds of messages you consider to be junk so that it can learn from your behavior and route future messages into the "Spam" folder automatically.
Part of the way it learns is to identify spam is by looking at the source of an email rather than the sender. Because of this, using the "Report Spam" button to get rid of unwanted announcements from certain departments or organizations that send email through our iMpact system has the unfortunate result of sending all future messages from iMpact to your Spam folder, not just ones from a particular sender.
So if you click "Report Spam" on a message from Ross Technology, for example, you may also end up missing future announcements from the Office of the Dean, Human Resources, student organizations, etc. What's more, your reporting of Spam has the potential to be applied to Google's global spam filter, potentially affecting everyone's mailbox at Ross.
For this reason, we'd urge you to use the "Unsubscribe or change how I receive emails like this" link at the bottom of iMpact emails if you no longer wish to receive messages sent by certain departments or organizations at Ross. You can tell if a message comes from iMpact because it will have a blue Ross School of Business banner across the top of the body of the message, and include text at the bottom that gives you the option to "unsubscribe."
If you've clicked "Report Spam" on iMpact messages in the past, we'd urge you to take a few minutes to go into your Spam folder, open them up and click "Not Spam."
Our goal here is to make sure you're always able to receive the important messages you want.
Thank you,
Ross Technology