Introducing iMpact Go! for Mobile Devices

Dear Ross Community:

Stay informed and connected to Ross while on the go with the new iMpact app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Introducing iMpact Go!

The app gives you access to iMpact's most popular features without you having to open a laptop or pull up a web browser.

Just pull out your iPhone, iPad or Android device and Go!
You can search the directory, use the jobs database, get notifications and map locations of upcoming events.
You're even able to watch live and streaming video of some events from right inside the app!
With iMpact Go! you carry the functionality of iMpact in your pocket!

Click on the image above to learn more! If you're not able to click on the image, or if the image is not displaying correctly, visit the following URL instead:

Thank you,

Ross Technology