Help us pilot a new Konica printer

Help us pilot a new Konica printer. Tell us what you think at the end of the pilot. Print on the Konica for free (up to 1,000 pages)! The Konica is located on the 2nd floor of Kresge.
Here's how:
1. Print as you normally do using the Ross FollowU print option. Some buttons and features are in different places on the Konica, but everything you can do on the Xerox is available with Konica. An information/self-help booklet is located on the Konica.
2. Retrieve your documents from the Konica printer located on the 2nd floor of Kresge. Swipe your MCard (or enter your UM ID), select your documents and print.
3. In a month, we'll email you a link to a survey to fill out  (only students who printed).
4. If you fill out the survey we will refund all the pages you printed on the Konica (up to 1,000 free pages).
Thanks for your help. The University is switching preferred vendors to Konica. We need to know how well Konica will meet your printing/scanning need for the next academic year.