Introducing "Tech & Learning"

We'd like to introduce Tech&Learning, a blog-like showcase of ways in which technology is enhancing academics at Ross.

The purpose of Tech&Learning is to demonstrate the use of technology as it happens--in other words, the featured content isn't theoretical, it's happening now. You may read about colleagues at Ross, or find links to other sources showing what peers around campus or other schools are doing. You can view everything to see what sparks your interest, or, because the content is tagged, you can choose to see just what interests you.

We'll send a newsletter like this near the end of each semester. Below are two stories from Fall 2012.

Scott Moore, Associate Professor of Business Information Technology, piloted a way to produce his own video lectures last semester in BIT 330 using a green-screen and video editing equipment. Read more...
Last summer, Paul Kirsch, Managing Director of the Ross BBA Program, volunteered to identify a potential solution that would allow for electronic attendance taking at events at Ross. See what he found...

We look forward to growing Tech&Learning, and if you're interested in speaking with someone about an idea you have, use the "Submit Your Idea!" button on the site to tell us about it.

Next time, look for more on remote learning using video, and "screencasting" lectures using the Camtasia software.

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