BUS domain will be turned off on December 21, be sure you’re ready

Dear Ross Community:
On December 21, 2012, the “BUS domain” will be turned off. This means that if you still use @bus.umich.edu as part of your email address, you’ll want to notify others to start using @umich.edu instead. You should also check your business cards, email signatures, or other pre-printed correspondence so you can reprint them, if necessary.
Those who have correctly been using @umich.edu will see no change in service and can disregard this message.
This change was announced two years ago as part of the U-M Campus IT Centralization project. Since then, the BUS domain has remained online as a convenience to assist in the transition. Any email sent to your-uniqname@bus.umich.edu has been automatically forwarded to your-uniqname@umich.edu. As planned, this forwarding service will stop on December 21 when the BUS domain is taken offline, after which any message sent to an address ending in @bus.umich.edu will get bounced-back to the sender.
Similarly, if you routinely email colleagues using the @bus.umich.edu extension and attempt to do so after December 21, you will receive bounce-backs, too.
It’s possible that you may be emailing colleagues using the BUS domain without realizing it. Over the next few weeks, be mindful of any email addresses that auto-complete with @bus.umich.edu when you compose messages. In all cases, deleting or editing any such contacts so that they end in @umich.edu will give you the best chance of avoiding any problems.
Lastly, if you own any distribution lists within MCommunity, it may be worth taking a moment to review them to be sure there are no references to @bus.umich.edu.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Helpdesk or respond to this message.
Thank you,
Ross Technology