Sync your iMpact Calendar to Google!

Dear Ross Students:

You can now sync your iMpact calendar to your Google calendar!

With this solution, you no longer have to go through a tricky export/import process or manually create class schedules, exams, job interviews, counseling appointments, or room reservations on two separate calendars.

To set this up, log in to iMpact, click the “Calendar” tab, and then choose “Calendar View.”  From there, scroll down and click the string of text beneath the calendar that says, “Sync this with your Google Calendar.”

Keep in mind that this is not a two-way connection—in other words, meeting invites you create while in Google will not transfer to iMpact.  In addition, it may take up to twenty-four hours for events to show up in Google after adding them in iMpact, and you aren’t able to selectively choose which items you want to sync. But once you set up the sync, everything that is on your iMpact calendar now or in the future will show up when viewing your Google calendar.

We hope you find this useful!  Please feel free to respond to this message with any questions or concerns, or refer to the guide on our website.

Thank you,

Ross Technology