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C.K. Prahalad's New Book Integrates
Student Research on the Bottom of the Pyramid

In spring of 2003, ten teams of MAP students were selected to work on a special project (xMAP) with Prof. C.K. Prahalad (Harvey C. Fruehauf Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Corporate Strategy and International Business) to document how companies across the world were working successfully to provide products and services and improve the living conditions of the poorest of the poor.

In addition to written case studies, each team also produced a video documentary of the companies and the people they serve. View condensed student videos in the right sidebar and acutal xMAP students talking about their xMAP experience below.  Visit the Bottom of the Pyramid page for full versions of all 10 videos and complete text cases.

Condensed versions of the cases and videos are featured in Professor Prahalad's book, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits

Anuja Rajendra MBA 2 - 1min 21sec
“Doing this project was in a sense a dream, that I think any business school student would feel so lucky to have come true.”

“This experience really epitomized education at its best and really epitomized the spirit of the Michigan Business School education.”
Cynthia Casas MBA 2 - 45sec
“...I got a chance to do a book, and study an interesting company that had both a social mission as well as a bottom-line business mission.”
George Weinmann MBA 2 - 1min 28sec
“It was a look at business down at the entrepreneurial level, really small companies, and see how they can make a difference in the world.”
“[It] gave me a perspective on the world that I don’t think I would have had otherwise.”
Todd Markson and Jeff Phillips MBA 2 - 2min 1sec
“Essentially we were taking what we’d learned in the Core [Curriculum], and applying it to a situation in the real world.”
“[Our projects] were on the forefront of what’s going on, it wasn’t reading about a case that’s already happened in the past.”
“It is applying the fundamentals of business in a very austere location and generating amazing results.”
Scott Baron MBA 2 (CEMP 3) - 1min 10sec
“What I really got out if this experience personally, was the ability to craft my own experience, and to get in-depth knowledge on something that I really cared about.”
“To me, this experience really epitomizes what it means to be a Michigan Business School student, where you’re given the tools and flexibility to pursue your dreams, and to be on the cutting edge of new fields that are really going to change the way the world thinks about business.”
Tej Shah and Sachin Rao MBA 2 - 1min 33sec
“...We’re looking at technology and we’re looking at innovation in a very different light...”
“..then I found myself in a rural village [in India], talking with women about how they care for their families, and how Hindustan Lever can be vital to the success and the development of their children. That is more powerful than anything you can do sitting in a classroom and reading about it.”
“...the first year of Business School kind of grew the box, and xMAP showed me absolutely everything that was outside of that box.”
“ redefined my goals for a successful business...”


Link to the book at


C.K. explains
the "win-win" for companies and
poor consumers.

(2 min 31 sec)

Condensed Version


Investing in Nicaraguan solar energy entrepeneur helps government
and poor.

George Weinmann
Scott Baron
(4 min 33 sec)

Condensed Version 


HLL reduces
infectious disease
by teaching handwashing.

Mindy Murch
Kate Reeder

(4 min 16sec)

Condensed Version


Electronic services
cut corruption,
change attitudes
in India.

Praveen Suthram
Jeff Phillips

(3 min 30sec)

Condensed Version 



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