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The MBA Essentials and Entrepreneurship program will not be offered in 2010. It is slated to be offered again in 2011. Please use this site to get more information about the program.

Program Content & Faculty

There are two components to the Ross MBA Essentials and Entrepreneurship Program.

MBA Essentials

The first component covers concepts, frameworks, and tools from the MBA program. This foundation will enable you to understand and implement advice from experts in key business functions:

  • Business Economics
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Management and Negotiation Skills

Material covered in this first component is essential to anyone involved in business activities, whether in a startup or an established firm.

Entrepreneurial Essentials

The second component will focus on what it takes to develop, finance, and launch a business. Topics covered include idea generation and protection, commercialization, feasibility analysis, competitive landscape, business planning, finding the right people, and how to fund a new venture.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will integrate MBA essentials and entrepreneurial essentials and deliver an "elevator pitch" to a panel of entrepreneurs.


Classes will be taught by Ross School faculty with a track record of instructional excellence in the MBA program.

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