Making MAP Succeed

What Makes a Good MAP Proposal?

  • It addresses a real challenge or opportunity that has no existing or obvious solution
  • It has strong support from senior level management
  • It requires a multidisciplinary approach
  • It can successfully be completed in seven weeks
  • It demands a set of actionable recommendations

Sponsor Responsibilities

  • Provide two dedicated and engaged project liaisons
  • Provide relevant data, which may be proprietary, to the MAP team
  • Arrange for the MAP team to interview key personnel in your organization
  • Provide workspace and appropriate business and communications equipment
  • Reimburse project-related expenses, including travel, for the MAP team

Project Planning

  • Begin early
  • Educate management about MAP
  • Get senior management buy-in
  • Appoint a company liaison and alternate liaison
  • Communicate project goals early
  • Identify information sources (internal and external)
  • Budget for project costs

Get the Team off to a Fast Start

  • Week I - Before students arrive
    • Conference calls-discuss topic, answer questions
    • Provide Pre-reading
    • Set up meetings for team to meet many people early in the process (including HR, decision makers, & senior management)

On-site Orientation Session

  • Provide understanding of business
  • Meet senior management and key contacts
  • Organize and schedule internal presentations
  • Discuss statement of work
  • Treat MAP Team as partners/consultants, not students
  • Let Team be creative – balance control vs. hands-off
  • Have Fun – Team dinner

Logistics/Housekeeping Session

  • Prepare written travel policy
  • Clearly explain spending/reimbursement policy
    • These are students on limited incomes
  • Arrange access to corporate resources
    • Conference call numbers
    • Office space/access
  • Treat them like “new hires”

Ongoing Project Management

  • Weekly contact or meeting (plan on 5-10 hours/week)
  • Establish clear Team organization
    • MAP Team – they will define their organization
    • Within corporation
  • Mid-term project review
  • Be available and be responsive
    • Manage responsiveness within your corporation
  • Contact faculty advisor if issues arise
  • Keep team focused. Expect some modifications to the Statement of Work
  • Have fun

Project Final Presentation

  • On-site presentation allows more participation by management
  • Attendees provide feedback on next steps

During and After MAP

  • Put students in touch with recruiting personnel for full time opportunities
  • Hire one or more team member as a summer intern
  • Continue to provide feedback after project is completed