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What is MAP?

MAP is a critical component of the Ross MBA.

First year Ross MBA students devote themselves exclusively to MAP for 7 weeks each spring as a requirement of the MBA core curriculum. When selecting MAP projects for our students, we look for outstanding corporate, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit projects both in the U.S. and abroad that require thoughtful and actionable recommendations to address pressing organizational challenges.

MAP delivers data-driven solutions to real business issues.

Each year, we accept MAP proposals from sponsors looking to solve problems, identify new processes, and target opportunities for growth. A MAP team consists of 4–6 Ross MBA students who are guided by faculty advisers. Each project requires analytical rigor, critical thinking, and genuine teamwork. At the end of the project, teams present their analyses and recommendations to their sponsors in both a written report and a final presentation.

MAP is a collaborative process.

MAP exemplifies the Ross commitment to building bridges between the academic environment and the world of business practice. This collaborative process benefits our students, our faculty, and the sponsoring organizations.

  • Sponsors receive top-notch findings and recommendations from MBA students who have diverse skills, knowledge, backgrounds, and work experience.

  • MAP teams incorporate analytical tools and methods used at the Ross School of Business that are often not available within sponsoring organizations.MAP sponsors have an opportunity to further their relationship with the Ross School of Business through additional partnering programs.

  • MAP involves minimal cost for the sponsoring organization.
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MAP Sponsors

graphicName: Avi Zallen, Controller - Ovonic Materials Division
: Energy Conversion Devices

"The work of the MAP team was at least as good as any of the world class business strategy consulting firms that we have hired."

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Get Real with MAP


Don’t just study a case. Be the case. Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) charge students with finding viable solutions to real problems in real businesses. How can a seven-week project impact you? In ways you never imagined.


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