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Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP)

For seven weeks each spring, first-year Ross MBA students devote themselves exclusively to MAP as a requirement of the MBA core curriculum.

Each year, we accept MAP proposals from sponsors looking to solve problems, identify new processes, and target opportunities for growth. Since 1992, Ross students have completed more than 1,500 MAP projects for more than 750 organizations around the world. When selecting MAP projects for our students, we look for outstanding corporate, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit projects in a variety of industries both in the U.S. and abroad that require actionable recommendations to address pressing organizational challenges.These are real companies with real business challenges.

A MAP team consists of 4-6 Ross MBA students who are guided by faculty
advisors. Each project requires analytical rigor, critical thinking, problem solving in a dynamic environment, and genuine teamwork. At the end of the project, teams present their analyses and recommendations to their sponsors and faculty in both a written report and a final presentation. To sponsors, MAP delivers real, data-driven solutions that can be implemented.

To students, MAP delivers a transformative educational experience. Sometimes, as in the real world, your team might have less time and information than you wish. How do you make decisions when the variables change? How do you bring a team together under duress? How do you lead when things go awry? Even when MAP projects run into obstacles, the combination of sponsor and faculty support ensures that the educational value is solid.



MAP Sponsors

graphicName:Terry Banks, Consulting Programs Manager
Toyota Motor Sales

“We had 5 highly skilled and motivated MBA students working full time on our project, without the bias that we typically see with business consultants. 

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Student Profile

graphicStudent Profile:
Bryan McCoy
MBA 2008
Emphasis in Marketing

“MAP lived up to all the great things I had heard about it. I was able to work on problems central to Microsoft’s strategic objectives, and our analysis was closely followed by very senior people in the company.“Our Ross team was comprised of students from around the world Ukraine, South Korea, China, and the U.S. whose career interests and expertise spanned sales, general management, technology, finance, and consulting. Each team member contributed something unique to our
analysis and to the development of the rest of the team.“MAP provided opportunities that I would have never experienced elsewhere. It gave me a much broader perspective on how business really works.”

Internship: Kraft Foods
Summer Associate
Brand Manager Intern, Chicago, IL