MAP Sponsors Testimonials

Name: Avi Zallen, Controller, Ovonic Materials Division
Company: Energy Conversion Devices

"The work of the MAP team was at least as good as any of the world class business strategy consulting firms that we have hired.  The MAP team differentiated itself from expensive alternatives by delivering a more timely and more complete analysis.  We hope to attract MAP team projects as often as possible."

graphicName: Dan Griffs, Vice President of Marketing
Company: Chip Ganassi Racing

"MAP students are analogous to horses in the gate before a big race. I say this because the first year of business school fills their minds with so much information they are just waiting to be turned loose to use their knowledge in a real-world application. Once our MAP students arrived, they hit the ground running and were able to apply their new skills to analyze the data and then make smart, credible and professional recommendations"

graphicName: Dr. Claudio Baggiani, Vice President, Emerging Markets
Company: Whirlpool Corporation

"We've sponsored 22 MAP teams in 13 countries and always find it a worthwhile effort. It's interesting to see the relationship develop between the MBA students and our local management teams. The students are dynamic and want to see outcomes immediately, while the seasoned managers naturally enter into things with more skepticism. MAP involves good learning, both for the students who eventually understand "real" business life, and for our management who learn the value of deeper analysis. I hope that going forward these projects will be part and parcel of the strategic view of our emerging markets."

Name: Petra Streit, New Product Planning Manager
Company: Eli Lilly Europe

"It was a great experience; the recommendations from the students will help our company move forward to develop the brand strategy of a new drug and prepare for a successsful launch."

Name: Frederick Crosby, Director of Cross-Border Trade
Company: eBay

"I had a big problem, I had limited resources, and I needed a smart solution. The MAP program gave me a great mix of smart people with broad skill sets to propose solutions we are going to incorporate into our roadmap this year. MAP delivered."

Name: Heyden Graham, Senior Manager, New Product Development, Fee-based Services
Company: American Express Co.

"We received a high quality proposal in only seven weeks!  Usually it takes me longer to schedule a focus group!"

Name: Brian Scaria, Senior Engineer
Company: UTC Power Generation

"The Ross School of Business's MAP program provided our company with a critical go to market product launch plan that exceeded our expectations and put us in a strong position to capitalize on our new technology."

Name: William Stauffer, Director, Training
Company: Equinox Fitness Clubs

"An excellent learning platform for the students and an eye opening experience for the company through an influx of impartial ideas."

Name: Terry Banks, Consulting Programs Manager
Company: Toyota Motor Sales

"We had 5 highly skilled and motivated MBA students working full time on our project, without the bias that we typically see with business consultants.  This was the third year that we sponsored a MAP team, and continue to be amazed at what these students can do in just a few short weeks."

Name: Dave Keli, V.P., Segment Manager, Healthcare
Company: Ecolab, Inc.

"Our first experience with a MAP team was a resounding success.  We engaged a talented team who, in a matter of 6 1/2 weeks, helped us develop a market entry strategy.  It was also a great opportunity to build the Ecolab brand at Michigan, and get to know several Ross students in action." 

Name: Linda Hwang, Manager, Enviornmental R&D
Company: Business for Social Responsibility

"The success of this first phase of our China Water Quality Initiative could not have happened without the contribution from the MAP team, and BSR moves forward into the remaining two phases equipped with very good information. The team brought enthusiasm, professionalism, and a very fresh perspective to a well-established set of industry practices that allowed BSR to drive more candid discussion and help integrate CSR into many more aspects of companies' operations."

Name: Tomer Fuchs, CEO
Company: Intratech LTD

"The combination of 6 talented enthusiastic talented highly intelligent MBA students, MAP faculty, and university resources enabled our company to get in a short time good validation to our company strategy, collect key market data, and give us the opportunity to review strategic questions with different original perspectives."