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MAP Project Roles

Project Team

  • MAP consists of 4-6 MBA students.  For a seven-week period in March and April, these students are solely dedicated to work together on their project, providing solid recommendations and solutions to the business opportunities or challenges defined by the sponsor organization.  Project work takes place at both the company site and in Ann Arbor.  In return, students receive 7.5 course credits.  Monetary compensation is not accepted.

Faculty Advisors

  • Faculty advisors are assigned to each project to facilitate the educational process and guide the students in their analyses and recommendations. Faculty advisors are selected from the following business disciplines: Business Information Technology, Finance, Managerial Accounting, Marketing, Operations Management Science, Management and Organizations (Human Resources), Corporate Strategy/International Business, Real Estate.

Project Sponsor

A high level of sponsor engagement insures success.  Effective sponsors:

  • Define the project issue and submit a MAP project proposal
  • Appoint a company liaison & alternate liaison
  • Provide access to information and personnel
  • Reimburse project-related expenses, including travel, for the MAP team
  • Ensure senior management attendance at the MAP final presentation

Primary and Alternate Project Liaisons

Project liaisons provide hands-on guidance.  Effective liaisons:

  • Work with MAP Program administration to discuss budget and planning details
  • Serve as day-to-day contact person(s) for the student team and the key point person(s) for the company, and faculty (5-10 hours a week)
  • Facilitate student access to company information and resources.
    Help the team with setting up interviews with key personnel important to the project
  • Communicate periodically with MAP liaison faculty to discuss progress on the project
  • Share enthusiasm for the project with the student team. Emphasize the importance of the project and the overall value it will bring to the Company/Organization

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MAP Sponsors

graphicName: Dr. Claudio Baggiani, Vice President, Emerging Markets
:Whirlpool Corporation

We've sponsored 22 MAP teams in 13 countries and always find it a worthwhile effort.”

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Don’t just study a case. Be the case. Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) charge students with finding viable solutions to real problems in real businesses. How can a seven-week project impact you? In ways you never imagined.


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