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BBA Immersions

RLI Immersions are high-impact, action-based programs for students in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. We offer two during each year of the BBA experience.

Impact Challenge

August 30, 2013: This day-long, high-intensity competition is one of the first experiences for all 500 first-year BBA students. Students are introduced by Ross's world-class faculty to the Michigan Model of Leadership. Through an interactive exercise, they begin to map their natural strengths and weaknesses onto the model, while setting their leadership development goals for the next three years. Finally, they come to focus on the core purpose of the model "Making a positive difference in the world" and work to apply it in an action-based, final round of the challenge.

Creativity Challenge

March 11, 2014: This half-day competition introduces first-year BBA students to the design thinking innovation process. Students conduct research, ideate, and apply their solutions to achieve the objectives of a high-intensity simulation. Guided by Ross faculty, students learn about enabling change, inspiring innovation, and organizing for creativity.


October 22, 2013: This half-day, authentic leadership workshop challenges second-year BBA students to consistently choose the right path. Students gain insight into the complex and dynamic work world they are preparing to enter, and reflect on the multitude of tough, high-stakes decisions that will put their values to the test. Guided by Ross faculty, they explore their most deeply-held values. They action plan applying those values to make a high percentage of good calls at times when it counts the most.

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March 21, 2014: This half-day, crisis leadership workshop prepares students to strategize through extreme turbulence, think on their feet, and demonstrate poise under pressure. Guided by Ross faculty, students unpack the skills required to lead under pressure and in the spotlight. They reflect on their own experiences, and receive specialty training from leading crisis management experts.

Story Lab

September 8, 2013: This half-day program introduces Senior BBA students to the power of story. Students reflect on their lives and first two years at Ross, focusing on their success and failure narratives. Guided by expert facilitators, students learn to craft a story that clarifies their values and deliver it to peers. They also workshop listening and feedback skills. Along the way, they explore their passions and personal strengths and weaknesses, and learn to leverage the power of story for self-development and organizational leadership.

Legacy Lab

October 16, 2013: This half-day program serves as an RLI capstone for BBA students. Guided by Ross faculty, students explore their core values and reflect on abundant opportunities to make a positive difference in businesses, communities, and the lives of others. Finally, they action plan their final 100 days at Ross and first 100 days in the workforce. They begin to answer the questions, "how will I invest my time and energy for maximum impact," and "how can I begin laying the foundation for a legacy that is consistent with my values?"

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