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Mindful Engagement

RLI's approach the leadership development Mindful Engagement is based on practice-oriented research by Michigan Ross Faculty members Scott DeRue and Susan Ashford. It prescribes a three-phase discipline that anyone can adopt:

1. Readying for growth:

  • Increasing knowledge of what it takes to lead effectively
  • Increasing awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Setting SMART learning objectives
  • Approaching developmental opportunities with a learning mindset

2. Taking action to learn:

  • Leaving comfort zones behind
  • Entering ambiguous, dynamic, complex situations
  • Experimenting with new ways of leading
  • Seeking and receiving feedback

3. Reflecting to retain:

  • Describing experiences
  • Explaining reactions
  • Considering alternative scenarios
  • Identifying key insights about new behaviors
  • Committing to a few behavioral changes and setting specific milestones


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