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Faculty Affiliates

Susan Ashford

Michael and Susan Jandernoa Professorship in Management and Organizations


Wayne Baker

Robert P. Thome Professor of Management and Organizations

“At Ross, we show students how to learn from their experiences so that they can lead and make a positive difference.

“Leadership is a leverage concept — they are not only successful themselves, but they create a better situation and outcome for others, for their communities, and for the world.”


“Establishing an inspiring and strategically sound vision of success is one of the leader’s most important responsibilities.”

Kim Cameron

William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations


Paula J. Caproni

Professor of Management and Organizations

“When students are exposed to the Michigan Model of Leadership, they become more effective leaders than if they were to attend any other program that emphasizes disciplinary specialties, narrow lists of competencies, and linear thinking.

“Unlike standard competency models, the Michigan Model of Leadership highlights the paradoxical nature of effective leadership, and it points out the need for cognitive and behavioral complexity."


“Every day we put our faith in teams. Each time we drive a car, fly in an airplane, have surgery, and leave our children at school, we place our lives and the futures of our families in products and services created and delivered by teams.

“We put our faith not only in the talent of individuals but also in their ability to work together cohesively and competently as a team."

Alison Davis-Blake

Edward J. Frey Dean and Stephen M. Ross Professor of Business


Jane Dutton

Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Business Administration and Psychology

“Learning to see the world as others see it is the single most important attribute leaders should develop.

“Being willing to listen and to truly understand how others see the world is the foundation for resolving conflict, developing a shared vision, and creating a sense of excitement that will cause individuals to go well beyond what formal rules and official job descriptions say they should accomplish.”


“A leader’s ability to build and nurture collaborative community is a keystone to sustainable individual and organizational performance.”

Dave Mayer

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations


Robert Quinn

Margaret Elliott Tracy Collegiate Professor in Business Administration and Professor of Management and Organizations

“Given the plethora of corporate scandals highlighted in the media in recent years and the fact that many members of society in part blame business schools as contributors to this corrupt behavior, I think integrity is a key value we want to develop in our leaders graduating from Ross.

“Integrity means living up to the values one espouses.

“Those who lead with integrity not only derive comfort from feeling genuine but also reap the benefits of trust, respect, and admiration from their employees and other stakeholders.”


“Few people know what they really want; who they really are; what others really need; or how to join others in the real time, co-creation of value.

“Leadership is not about what you know or do. It is about who you are and who you are becoming.

“When you are becoming more than you are, what you do is invite people to join you in going where no one has ever been."

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations


Kathleen M. Sutcliffe

Gilbert and Ruth Whitaker Professor of Management and Organizations

“Smart recombination — the soul of creative innovation — comes from inspiring individuals to see the compatibility of their diverse organizational, functional, and cultural experiences.”


“Unexpected events show up everywhere in corporate life.

“They audit resilience and affect organizational reliability.

"With the unexpected becoming a larger chunk of the everyday, leaders must understand how they can organize to anticipate and decrease the likelihood of being blindsided by surprises and disabled by events that do catch them unawares.”

James P. Walsh

Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Gerald and Esther Carey Professor of Business Administration


Lynn Perry Wooten

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Clinical Associate Professor of Strategy, Management & Organizations

“Leadership is all about making other people better for knowing you.”


“Leadership is a learning journey that provides many opportunities for creating positive deviance.”


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